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Spring Fling! Our 14 Best Pallet Chicken Coops, Hutches & Cages!

As the snow melts and the trees start to bud, it's time to get those containment systems built for your new critters! See our 14 best pallet chicken coops, pallet hutches, and pallet cages for inspiring projects that'll save you money, let you raise and protect your critters, and even teach the kids about raising animals. Remember - always check with your city or county to be compliant with any zoning or animal restrictions in your area. 1001pallets.com presents these projects as ideas only!

Let's start with our Best Pallet Chicken Coops: from large to small, we've got many projects for your backyard or garden area!

Our most popular Pallets Chicken Coop - a simple design with an incorporated henhouse. This is adaptable to any size of the yard.

Best Pallet Chicken Coops1

Here's an amazing, and beautiful Pallet Chicken Coop that also has an incorporated storage shed.

Want something that's whimsical or charming? We've got just the Pallet Chicken House for you:

Best Pallet Chicken Coops3

Here's another straightforward idea - practical and very functional - Chicken Coop Made Out Of Recycled Pallets. It has an integrated porch, a chalkboard message area, and some cute decorative touches too!

Best Pallet Chicken Coops4

Double-Upcycle with this great re-use of old doghouses into a Pallet Double Henhouse!

Best Pallet Chicken Coops5

This is one seriously clever design. It should be called Robo-Coop... but you'll have to check it out to find out more!

Best Pallet Chicken Coops6

Make your mornings cheery by looking out at this fantastic Angry Birds Chicken Coop!

Best Pallet Chicken Coops7

But how about adding a garden bed to the roof of your henhouse? This Pallet Chicken Coop does just that!

Best Pallet Chicken Coops8

We've seen several of the Best Pallet Chicken Coops, but what if you don't want to raise chickens? Well, get ready to be impressed with this Pallet Rabbit Castle Hutch!

Best Pallet Chicken Coops9

From practical to loaded with whimsy, here's another Rabbit Hutch/House that you'll love:

Best Pallet Chicken Coops10

Don't forget your other furry friends - and we're not talking about a relative! Dogs and Cats have a place in our hearts and homes too. Check out this crazy-good Dog Bunk Bed setup:

Best Pallet Chicken Coops11

Of course, there's more! Maybe you only have a little room - then make this adorable pallet dog bed!

Me-WOW: Don't forget the kitties! Here's a three-for-one Cat Tree, Cat Tunnel, and Outdoor Cat Patio Enclosure! There are links to the patio enclosure provided since all the projects were made for the same herd of spoiled kittens. Yes, they're mine, haha - HS

Best Pallet Chicken Coops13

Last but not least, let's not forget the birds, bats, butterflies, and BEES! If you like to eat, we need bees!

Best Pallet Chicken Coops14
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