Pallet Cosplay Builds Display Hutch

By petrovich.23

I made a small hutch to display for my cosplay builds. It’s a simple build, made from salvaged pallet wood from a construction site. Two uprights and two shelves. The […]

Pallet Desk Hutch

By Telefan17

I made this hutch to place on top of my desk for extra privacy and storage.

Wire-door Rustic Pallet Hutch

By adamu

I tried to keep this hutch very rustic looking. Think I nailed it?

Our Best Pallet Chicken Coops, Hutches & Cages

By HeatherStiletto

See our best pallet chicken coops, pallet hutches, and pallet cages for inspiring projects that’ll save you money, let you raise and protect your critters, and even teach the kids about raising animals.

All Pine Two-piece Pallet Beer Hutch

By Neokentin

My first project made for my son’s Christmas present.

Pallet Rabbit Castle Hutch

By Neokentin

This Pallet Rabbit Castle Hutch will make any Leporidae feel like royalty! I made this hutch out of pallet wood and upcycled 50 x25 mm (1×2”) roofing furring strips. It […]

Pallet Chicken Coop

By MrLocke

Having done things a little backward, and adopted a couple of young chicks, before having a home for them, I found myself needing to build a coop in a hurry. Straight off a night shift, 8 hours to build a palace for the girls.


8ft Corner Rabbit Hutch

By Neokentin

8ft corner rabbit hutch. Our Frenchies love it. All out of pallets. £5 worth of wire and felt that cost £5 all in all cost about £11 to make not […]

Recycled Pallet Into Kitchen Hutches

By Neokentin

This is a few of the kitchen pallet hutches that my husband Jerry L. Holt Sr & son William L. Klein have built for people. We can build just about […]


Small Pallet Hutch / Petit Bahut En Palette

By Neokentin

Rustic Hutch made from repurposed wooden pallet. Petite Bahut rustique fabriqué en bois de palette.

Recycled Pallet Rabbit Hutch

By Neokentin

This Rabbit Hutch has a hinged roof so it can be lifted and both bedroom dividers can be removed for easy cleaning. It also has a ‘tongue and groove‘ flooring […]

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