Pallet Store, Bar & Restaurant Decorations can be a cost-effective and attractive addition to your business. Update tired and worn business decor and save money Plus, you can customize them to create a unique look and eye-catching style in an earth-friendly manner!

Update your Pallet Store, Bar & Restaurant and be gentle to your wallet – Crafter’s ideas to inspire you!

With many ideas to inspire you, can help you add a new front desk, hostess station, bar, or other work areas to your business. There are ideas for decorative touches and functional updates as well. Build booths, counters and more using recycled, free pallets!

Don’t forget about website resources:

If you don’t know where to begin, start at our Essentials Page! There are many handy tools to help you create your masterpiece. However, before you begin, you may want to look at our Pallet Safety page as well as our tutorials on how to breakdown pallets.  What type of glue should you use? We can help answer that question! Our  Woodworking Safety page and a Top Ten Tools page are excellent resources for the beginner Crafter. Enter the chat room and join in on discussions; post questions or just share your work-in-progress too.

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