Pallet Coffee Tables

A beautiful and original pallet coffee table can be yours! Use wood pallets and make the perfect coffee table to fit your home and your budget. Don’t throw away your money by learning how to build a coffee table and make it yourself using recycled wooden pallets, and then let your creativity run wild!

Don’t settle for bland, poor-quality, mass-produced tables that have no visual appeal or uniqueness. Instead, use your creativity and build a table to suit your needs and desires. Do you prefer a painted top, or is a high-gloss surface your goal? Perhaps, you’d prefer both? There are no limitations when you make a unique piece of furniture. Build it as tall or short as you need. Make it long or short.

Perhaps you’d prefer a square table? Put the table on wheels, so that you can roll it out of the way for the family game night. Leave it rustic or make it industrial and sturdy. Our crafters have made hundreds of amazing, beautiful tables that you can discover in this category. We have also some Coffee table plans in PDF and free to download to get you started, too!

How I Made This Wine Barrel Coffee Table

By OurRusticFamily

This was a build for a good friend of mine. My buddy Ruben dropped off this wine barrel and said half was his and half was mine. So off, I […]

Outdoor Living Room and Coffee Table with Storage Niches

By La Table en Palette

Layout of our terrace all in reclaimed wood. Outdoor living room and planters.

Pallet Coffee Table For a Waiting Room

By Neokentin

I built this coffee table for a “waiting room” from pallets and steel. The top is 42” in diameter and 2” thick. The band is 3/16 mild steel with square […]

Easy Pallet Coffee Table

By Willie23

This simple coffee table was made from pallets and wood beams found in a wendy house.

Pallet Kitchen Island

By shrkfud

Kitchen island made out of multiple pallets sanded and stained, inlaid with tile in between pallet top surface and pipe fittings added for stability. Church pew railings post added to corners.

Diy Easy & Cheap Pallet Coffee Table

By PaintyCloud

Do you want to know how to create a pallet coffee table in one afternoon? I hope this tutorial and video will inspire you to get a unique look in […]

Charred Pallet Coffee Table

By Reddirtboy74

This pallet coffee table integrates two tray tables on cantilevered hinges and lots of storage space.

Diy: Pallet Coffee Table

By PaintyCloud

Would you like to get a unique look in your room? But couldn’t you find the perfect table to fit your needs? Let’s create your own style coffee table from […]

Diy: 4-pallets Coffee Table

By Neokentin

A friend sent me a pic of a coffee table she liked and asked me to make it for her. It took a little while to find the pallets because I don’t live in a very industrial area, but the ones I did find had nice contrasting features that accentuated the end result.

Herringbone Pattern Pallet Table

By OurRusticFamily

This Herringbone pattern pallet table is 5.4-inches long and 29-inches wide and 32-inches in height. It has 2 bottle racks built in the bottom to help hold those adult favorites… The […]

Wood Pallet Chevron Coffee Table

By Geneob

This coffee table was made with recycled pallet boards. The frame is made from recycled pallet runners. The legs and tabletop are made from boards planed to 3/8″ thick. The […]

Dark Walnut Coffee Table With White Wipe Stained Frame & Legs

By bluegrassfan76

Table with dark walnut shelves and legs & frame that were painted white then distressed and wipe stained.

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