Forget the expensive laminates and designer hardwoods. Pallet Flooring will give you a sleek, modern look or that country kitchen style for a fraction of the cost! Whether you’re simply updating your home or repairing damage, pallets can be an economic, earth-friendly solution.

Pallet Flooring – numerous designs to inspire you!

If you like wood flooring with a pattern, you CAN do it! Our Crafters have created herringbone, chevron, and other patterns out of wood that would otherwise be thrown away. Pallets are made of oak, pine, poplar, maple, spruce, and more. All are gorgeous in their rustic state, but can be elegant and stunning when finished. Perhaps you want a modern twist? Cut pallet blocks in thin slices and create spectacular looks by combining it with resins.

Don’t forget about website resources:

If you don’t know where to begin, start at our Essentials Page! There are many handy tools to help you create your masterpiece. However, before you begin, you may want to look at our Pallet Safety page as well as our tutorials on how to break down pallets.  What type of glue should you use? We can help answer that question! Our  Woodworking Safety page and a Top Ten Tools page are excellent resources for the beginner Crafter. Enter the chatroom and join in on discussions; post questions or just share your work-in-progress too.

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