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Build Your Own Pallet Home Theater!

  • 14 pallets

  • medium

  • 100h

  • $3000

Turn those unused areas of your home into an amazing Pallet Home Theater! We knew we wanted a home cinema room and in the new house, there was one room in the basement that seemed perfect! It only had two small windows, so it was already quite dark. The only problem was that it is a little room. Most of the home cinema forums said it was too small, but we decided to build it regardless!

Make the ultimate Man Cave, Woman Cave, or Family Cave with this Awesome Pallet Home Theater!

I knew from the beginning that I would use pallets top make the risers for the seating. I couldn't start my project until I found 14 matching pallets. First, we applied foam to the bases of all the pallets to reduce the noise. Next, we positioned the pallets and screwed them together. We added another layer of foam on top and covered it all with some OBD boards. We screwed the OSB boards down to make the riser sturdy. I packed the insides of the riser with old towels, cardboard, foam, etc., to prevent the riser becoming a big echo chamber. It was finished off with the thickest carpet underlay I could find and the thickest carpet I could find on eBay. I installed some LED deck lights along the step before securing the carpet down. This gave the room that cinema feels.

Can a wall be a screen? Yes... or you can mount a drop-down or pull-down screen in your Pallet Home Theater

With the riser done we painted the walls and the ceiling a soft dark charcoal color to reduce ambient light. This will make the screen image look better. I made some plywood window covers that are attached with hook-and-loop strips. This allows the window covers to be removed easily for cleaning or emergencies.  The single biggest expense was the seating. We initially expected only to be able to fit four seats, but we found some thinner chairs on Amazon. They were small enough that we could add a 5th seat! The seats are amazing! These power recliners also have a built-in massage and heated backrests. The best feature is the zero-clearance head rests/backrests.

Compromise can be the inspiration for cool, custom Home Decor ideas in your Pallet Home Theater

Because the chairs were narrower, they didn't have cup holders. So, I made individual tables to go between each chair. Each table is on a single leg which I cut in the middle, inserted a dowel and then put the top back on. This the tables to be swiveled or removed when not needed. The table top was made using mini wooden trays. I positioned each one off-center so when rotated they can be positioned in different formats. To finish the tables off, I designed a logo, printed in reverse on kitchen freezer paper, placed the wet side on the table area and rubbed.

It's great to mix and match - or repurpose to get that perfect Pallet home Theater

Six black Ikea units along the front fitted perfectly and looked great. Some curtains along the side created a nice little foyer area in which I used an old electronic photo frame to act as an electronic coming soon poster. I added LED light strips back behind the chairs and under the front cupboards. Individual-led lights are between each chair, and all are linked via Bluetooth to my Android tablet, so I have complete control of the lighting. A few accessories and the electronic connectors and we are good to go. In all honesty, the room really could not have turned out better, and we love sitting in there with friends watching movies.

Pallet Home Theater - here's the stack of pallets and plywood that I needed to start this project.

Here's the beginning of our project - gathering 14 pallets to create the tiered seating area in our Pallet Home Theater.

Pallet Home Theater - securing the raised seating with plywood for a stable surface.

Pallet Home Theater working on the walls.

We stabilized the pallet floor with OSB boards. The only thing this Pallet Home Theater is missing is an awesome Pallet Bar!

Pallet Home Theater - prepping the room after building the raised seating platform.

Pallet Home Theater - masking off the screen area. We painted the rest of the room with black walls.

Starting to lay carpeting in our Pallet Home Theater

Pallet Home Theater - finished home theater with underseat lighting and raised theater-seating.

Make the ultimate Man Cave with this amazing Pallet Home Theater idea!

Pallet Home Theater - a view from the "captain's chair".

Kick back and relax in your custom Pallet Home Theater - or host a premier party.

Pallet Home Theater - a side view with the wall of movie, and the true size of the theater.

With pallets to create the tiered floor and some cool LED lighting, this is all the great movie experience WITHOUT the sticky floors, screaming kids, and annoying person who talks through the whole movie.

Pallet Home Theater - ceilling mounted projector.

Add a ceiling mounted projector or a recessed one that drops down for more "ooh-and-aah" moments!

Pallet Home Theater - finished, but not lit up yet.

Just look at this setup! This would be great for family gatherings! Improve your indoor spaces with pallets!

Pallet Home Theater Custom TV Trays.

Pallet Home Theater a view of the completed room, lit up and a movie playing.

Pallet Home Theater - another view with the color-changing lights.

Now just make a Pallet Beer Kegerator! Here's a fun idea for some recycled bottle side-tables!

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I’m curious on the dimensions of your room and how big your screen is. I noticed the projector is quite close, in the pictures, so I’m curious on how far you have the projector from the screen as well. I have a setup similar to yours but your room looks amazing. Thanks.


I am turning a small room in our basement into a home theater and this is very inspiring. Can you tell me how the room is that you used for the theater? I don’t want to get my hopes up. Or, at least, can you say how far the screen (wall) is away from you when you are sitting in the seats? Thank you for posting this!


*how big the room is (sorry)

Cindy Aponte

I made it into the eautiful shed

Phillip Jimenez

Here’s a wide shot of my unfinished edit bay. I stained the chair. I was going to make cushions from an old Burlap Coffee bean sack.the deck was to be carpeted and more. I built the table as well.

Walt NZ

YUSSSSS !!!!!!

Robert Lawrence

Storage box just needs the lid finished today

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