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17 Rustic Bathroom Ideas You Can Make With Pallet Wood

If you follow our website, you know that Pallets often add style to your interior. While it's not yet time to do gardening or your next garden pallet projects (planter, potting bench, etc.), here are 17 rustic bathroom ideas you can make with pallet wood.

Use these 17 Pallet Projects to inspire you - and make the ideas your own!

Fit them to your family's needs and involve them in the project, too! Some of the ideas shown here are simple and can be made in under an hour. Make your bathroom comfortable, relaxing and a beautiful retreat with the simple pallet!

17 Pallet Projects You Can Make for Your Bathroom1

Bathroom shelf from repurposed pallet

17 Pallet Projects You Can Make for Your Bathroom2

Pallet towel rack.

17 Pallet Projects You Can Make for Your Bathroom3

Another pallet shelf.

17 Pallet Projects You Can Make for Your Bathroom4

Pallet shelf with a mason jar.

17 Pallet Projects You Can Make for Your Bathroom5

Blue quote

17 Pallet Projects You Can Make for Your Bathroom6

Pallet toilet wall.

17 Pallet Projects You Can Make for Your Bathroom7

17 Pallet Projects You Can Make for Your Bathroom8

Bathtub pallet shelf

17 Pallet Projects You Can Make for Your Bathroom9

Pallet bathroom storage.

17 Pallet Projects You Can Make for Your Bathroom10

Mirrored medicine cabinet from repurposed pallets.

17 Pallet Projects You Can Make for Your Bathroom11

Raw pallet bathroom wall

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Abbey McMillan

Victoria Bell for your bathroom renovations next 🤣

Katharina Pfeifer

Jan Lang

Gaelene Gavin

Kim Briscoe Bekkie Helm

Gaelene Gavin

Check out the toilet idea

Kim Briscoe

That’s cool!

Robyn Laing

I think that looks awful. Love recycled pallets but this one fails any aesthetic appeal at all.

Tine Kris

Perso je dirais Bof !!! beau nid à poussières impossible à nettoyer !! ça prend une place folle et ce n’est très beau :(

Máŕee Aĺïcia

Vicki Clare save some money 🤔🤣

Ingrid Van Hoeck-vd Heijden

Heidi Van der Heijden dè is net iets vur bij jullie?


I am also interested in the details of the mirrored bathroom storage pallet cabinet :) You shared some fantastic ideas, thanks! Also, thank you in advance for sharing the details on the cabinet!!


I would like to know about the mirrored bathroom storage cabinet

Mickey Dishon
Mickey Dishon

Can you please give me some direction on the mirrored medicine cabinet on AL the materials you used to complete it thanks.

HI, great work… Would you share your plans for “Another pallet shelf” ?




How do I clean a pallet so I can use it in the house? I always feel like I’ll bring in bugs and who knows what else if I use pallet wood inside!


Where do you think normal lumber is stored? In a microbiological clean room? If you ‘re that fussed, just take the pallet apart outside, then wash down the wood with soap and water just like any other wood. There’s no need for disinfectants or sanitisers, and especially not a steam cleaner as I’ve seen recommended elsewhere, which is likely to warp and ruin the wood.

Greta Mullins
Greta Mullins

I’m interested in the name of the tile and where you purchased it. It is the tile in the picture of the tall wall cabinet between vanity and a door. I have some Montagna porcelain tile (belluno color) that I purchased at Home Depot. Now a couple of years later I’d like to use in another area but do not have enough and it has been discontinued. It looks like the tile in your picture.


To the person who has some montagna belluno tile, I am looking for 9 tiles. If you have any 20 x 20 tile that you can part with I would be happy to buy it. 661-435-4459


Hey, please can you advice how to attache a pallet to the wall.
Thanks in advance.


Thanks! I will try that for sure . Love the shiny look!!

Kristy Brosnan
Kristy Brosnan

Go to the hardware store


How did you hook the hose clamps on the pallet backing for that bathroom mason jar shelf board? I really love the look of that with the shiny hose clamps and want to make it, but don’t know how to get the hose clamps on there to hold the jars. Thanks! Looks really pretty!!

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