Pallet Bookcases & Bookshelves

If you need more storage, you’ll find lots of inspiration to add pallet bookcases & pallet bookshelves to your home. Fancy a bookshelf made from pallets? Our best ideas!

You’ll find hundreds of practical and stylish options to add extra storage to your living spaces. Almost every area of your home can have a shelf or a bookcase added. Just make it to the size you need! In addition to creating more storage, you’ll save money! We have everything you need to learn how to select, breakdown, and use pallets for many wonderful ideas by our talented crafters.

Almost all of the ideas presented are made entirely of pallet wood. Some have mixed woods, but many recycle or upcycle products to create unique and inspiring furniture! Take a look around and see our tutorials, design inspiration ideas, safety tips, and many other pallet resources to help you make the creation of your dreams!

Super Simple Display Cabinet from Pallet Wood Scraps

By Bone

A really simple display cabinet built using leftover pallet wood scraps. Tools required are: a saw, a square, a pencil, nails, and a tape measure (optional). This uses 5 pallets […]

Red Mahogany Pallet Bookcase

By bluegrassfan76

I built this large red mahogany bookcase for someone I work with, it will be used for DVD storage. They happen to have a large movie collection and asked me […]

2 Bookshelf Ideas with Pallet for Your Dorm

By Neokentin

There is nothing as exciting as making your own pallet bookshelf. The idea of having to use a few pieces of wood and end up with an incredible design is […]

Pallet Desk Hutch

By Telefan17

I made this hutch to place on top of my desk for extra privacy and storage.

Create Mini Libraries: Little Pallet Bookcase Town Project

By Lab11

This little pallet bookcase project is unusual because there is not a just a single bookshelf. We built five! We placed each of these little in different businesses in my […]

Two-tone Pallet Display Shelf Doubles As Bookshelf!

By Neokentin

I was told I needed to make a shelf to store toys. Shelves are boring and I wanted to showcase the piece, not what necessarily was going to be on it. The sides needed to draw eyes as well…

Pencils Not Necessary Pallet Equipment Stand

By patissbreizh

I made my Pallet Equipment Stand with only some simple hand-scratched measurements. After that, it was just a simple sanding and painting! Make this Pallet Equipment Stand with only something sharp […]

Rustic Pallet Shelf/Flower Stand

By Lab11

My DIY Video Tutorial shows you how to create my Pallet Shelf/Flower Stand. This project is the latest in the series of my “rustic” projects for a customer. Since it […]

Little Pallet Bookcase Neatens Kids Rooms

By Neokentin

Using 1 pallet and a few tools and nails my sons new bookcase is complete!

Pallet Dorm Bookshelf: Daughter’s First Pallet Project!

By Neokentin

My daughter made this out of pallets, 3-18″ 1x12s, 6′ 1×4, and some scrap 2x2s.

Recessed Pallet Bookcase / Bibliothèque Encastrée En Planche De Palette

By josee

I made this Recessed Pallet Bookcase using about ten pallets, various sizes of screws and common woodworking tools. I spent less than 100 dollars and completed it in about 16 hours! […]

Sturdy, Stylish Pallet Wood Bookcase

By bluegrassfan76

Made this bookcase from virtually all recycled wood and at a cost of less than $20.

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