Pallet Furniture

What is pallet furniture? Pallet furniture is furniture made using recycled wooden pallets. The furniture can be of any type including seats, benches, beds, tables, vanity, desks, chairs, shelves and other house or office furniture. Since pallets are reusable items, they are well treated and made for a long life cycle. This means that when used for furniture they are strong and offer quality for money. Use recycled and repurposed wood pallets to create your next masterpiece!

Be inspired by our Crafters and the thousand pallet furniture ideas they made over the years! With our library of pallet furniture ideas, your design & build can help save your money!

Don’t waste your hard-earned money on overpriced, poorly made furniture! Rather, by making furniture out of pallet wood by yourself, you’ll help your bank account! And, by building with pallets, you’ll keep them out of the landfills. Additionally, you’ll be sure of the quality and workmanship that was put into the project. Go ahead, create something entirely unique and original out of pallet wood!

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Pallet Truck Inspired Clothes Rack


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