Update your bedroom with many recycled pallet projects, like beds, headboards, end tables and more! Is your bedroom looking a little dated, or the bed frame keeps breaking? We’ve got solutions for YOU!

Don’t keep that old, hand-me-down headboard straight out of the 1970s! Update your room and add style with pallet projects YOU make, and save money too! Make a new bed frame, add a stylish headboard that has extra storage, plus end tables and more. Create a design unique to your tastes, from rustic, shabby-chic, industrial, retro, or elegantly finished pieces. Many ideas won’t cost you a penny to make, or will only cost you a modest amount to recreate. Build under-bed storage, nightstands or even add bed under-lighting for a romantic getaway. 1001pallets.com will have ideas you love. Add lamps, candle holders, wall sconces, bedroom wall art, dressers and a vanity for a whole suite!

Don’t forget the kid’s bedroom! We have amazing ideas to update your child’s room, from organization to bunk beds. Make a kid’s bed with a playhouse built-in, or a set of bunk beds for those two siblings that share a room. Create personal spaces and even different styles for each child, too! We even have ideas for storage chests and closet organization too. We’ve even got babies covered with crib, cradle, changing table and rocking bench ideas to inspire your creativity.

Pallet Crescent Moon Cradle

By Neokentin

To build this moon cradle, I used a pine 1×3 slats throughout and MDF board for the frame. I used pegboard for the mattress decking and brad nails 1 5/8″, […]

How I Made A Wooden Pallet House In The Children’s Room

By DJHydron

This project was realized on the basis of the idea that meant that the wooden house would be a place in a children’s room where a child of two years […]

Pallet Transformed into a Shelf

By Reusine

Decorative and storage furniture, shelves, tubs, coat rack, flower lamp, mirror, etc. This multifunctional storage cabinet is a wall decoration in painted, patinated and varnished wood, in fuchsia color with […]

King Size Golden Oak Headboard

By bluegrassfan76

I built this king-size chevron style headboard for someone who had purchased some pallet wood items from me in the past. They wanted it stained golden oak and finished with […]

Bohemian Pallet Headboard

By Neokentin

This pallet headboard is not only super easy, but it’s unique and not your typical pallet headboard. This organic design looks amazing in a bohemian style room. Tools needed Six-foot […]

Full-size Early American Pallet Headboard

By bluegrassfan76

Easy to build pallet wood headboard.

Kids Dream World: Pallet Kids Bed

By Neokentin

To build this kids bed, I started off with some branches from a neighbours cherry tree, then I acquired some decking , and then an old pine bed and a […]

Bedroom Pallet Ferry Shelf

By Neokentin

To build this bedroom pallet ferry shelf, I used only one wood pallet and let my imagination kick in! The stain was handmade and I used white water-based to get a whitewash […]

Pallet Bedside Table

By Lab11

It all started with a friend showing me a bedside table model that she liked but was very expensive. I told her that the model is nice but that I […]

Reclaimed Pallet Baby Cradle

By Gregthebuilderman

Here comes another Grandbaby who can’t sleep on the floor! I’ve built this standard baby cradle out of reclaimed wood pallets. The size of the sleeping area is 18″ x […]

Pallet Bedside Table

By Neokentin

We needed a bedside table to put some photos and candles. So, we made ours from recycled wood pallets. For the colors, we used steel wool for the brown, vinegar […]

King Size Bed from 2 Long Pallets

By mathilnet

To build this king size bed, I’ve used 2 long wood pallets for the bed frame and 2 small wood pallets for the headboard. Below is a photo of the result […]

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