Pallet Crafter Interviews

Interviews of’s unique, and sometimes quirky Crafters. Learn from the community, and discover who they are, why they work with pallets, and even get some tips if you’re new to pallet crafting! Read about their views on our mass-consumption society, and see if it inspires you. If you think you deserve to be featured in our next interview, please go to and use our Contact Us page to reach out!

If you’re eclectic or creative, let us interview you and find out what motivates you to work with pallet wood. How do you make your creations? What inspires you? Let us know!

Our Featured Crafters share their insights, their motivation, and some share their techniques. Several have also worked hard to develop tutorials and DIY information to help and inspire the pallet community. Additionally, read about their backgrounds, their interests, and how they got started with pallet crafts. Find out how they learned to do their projects, and where they find inspiration for their next projects. Several have even contributed beginner’s tips and resources to guide you through your projects.

E-waste Abstract Sculptures

Pallet Crafter Interview #23: Michael Martin

Pallet Crafter Interview #22: Rich Peirce

Pallet Crafter Interview #21: David Prates

Pallet Crafter Interview #20: Jérémy Michel

Pallet Crafter Interview #19: Mark Esposito


Pallet Crafter Interview #18: Karell Ste-marie


Pallet Crafter Interview #17: Chris Woodman


Pallet Crafter Interview #16: Wesley Marien


Pallet Crafter Interview #15: Sarah James

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