How to make a couch out of pallets? Get some inspiration!

Save money and have fun! Make one of our unique, customized pallet sofas for your living area! Our Crafters made their projects out of recycled, free pallet wood and other upcycled materials.

We have hundreds of indoor and outdoor pallet sofa ideas!

Find inspiration from hundreds of clever designs, ranging from rustic to elegant sofas, loveseats to full sectionals. Make a pallet sofa that you build into a sectional mobile unit by installing wheels! Then, easily rearrange your living area to suit your needs. Make an entire garden set with seating for a large family or a party. Create a children’s sofa for the kiddies to enjoy while playing video games or watching TV. Customize your pallet sofa with cushions, upholstery, decorative trims and more. Unleash your imagination and creativity! Many designs can be made in hours, too! Plus, you’ll be proud of your unique build that saved you a lot of money and made your home truly unique. Upcycling and recycling help everyone by keeping pallets from ending up in a landfill.