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Yay For May! Top 5 Diy Pallet Projects May 2017

We're continuously grateful for the support and contributions by our talented, creative and generous Crafters. This community blog couldn't exist without YOU! So without further ado, here's the top 5 DIY Pallet Projects May 2017 that YOU chose!

Check out the most popular creations made by you and selected by you - the Top 5 DIY Pallet Projects May 2017

#1: Nothing beats a beautiful outdoor living space for parties. But you can't do that without a terrific Pallet Bar!

Can you say Man Cave or AMAZING party bar? This beautiful bar will surely get you excited for summer and those lazy weekend nights hanging out with family and good friends. Just be sure to have those beverages icy cold!

#2: Summer is coming, and let's keep on making those outdoor living spaces better! Make yourself a comfy place to relax like with this attractive Storefront Decorative-Backed Pallet Bench!

Rustic can be INTERESTING! This beautifully-crafted bench had a lot of thought put into it. The distinctive characteristics of pallets are featured and integrated into the design without making it boring. The uneven seat back makes you want to run your fingers along the edges and draws attention to the gorgeous imperfections and textures of the pallet wood. Grab a cool beverage and have a seat!

#3: DIY Pallet Projects May 2017: If you're making outdoor seating, how about this Sleek, Modern Lounge Set for those family gatherings?

Just because you use pallet wood does not mean you must make it rustic - even though we do love it that way too. With a bit more sanding, and using the wood to create clean lines and sleek design, you can upcycle pallets into pieces of art that will make your outdoor living spaces the favorite with your family and friends. Time to send out those invites and get your BBQ supplies!

#4: How can you make all of these great creations without a place to keep your tools safe? Make yourself a Pallet Workshop or Shed. Add a pallet bar in it, and you've got the makings for a great man cave, too!

Do not spend thousands on a pre-fab shed. Make your own Pallet Workshed, cabin or playhouse on a shoestring budget! Upcycle any wood and other materials you have and be creative.... then enjoy your new workspace!

#5: Let's keep on relaxing with this inspiring Red Pallet Bench!

This great little bench is fast, easy and sturdy. The arms are a great way to upcycle thinner pieces of wood into a stacked, layered thick piece that will last for years.

Great job, Crafters! Please keep those creative ideas coming!  Thank you for sharing what you do so well from your 1001pallets.com administration! Now, make a Propane Tank BBQ!

Bio: I'm a Licensed Vocational Nurse in Southern California, and enjoy woodworking with pallets. I've mad... read more

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Joel Wheeler
Joel Wheeler

Looks like a great hobby using disposable materials!

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