Pallet FurniturePallet BarsOne, Two, Three Pallet Bars!


by Brook Brent

One, Two, Three Pallet Bars!

  • 5 pallets

  • medium

  • 72h

  • $130

Not one, or two, but Three Pallet Bars to inspire your party decor!! These Pallet Bars come in many different designs. Some have a roof for outside use, and they’re weather sealed for protection.

These Three Pallet Bars would rock any man cave, backyard, patio, or deck for those parties and family gatherings!

My Feature Pallet Bar was made from 5 pallets, four 2″ x 6″×16′ for the bar table top and shelves from three 2’×12′. I used two 4″ x 4″ x 16′ posts for my  Cantina Bar. I cut the single post into four posts in the height of 7’4″ for headroom. The roof was made from two 2″ x 6″×12′ and two 2″× 4″ for cross members. I cut out one piece of 27″×16′ metal corrugated roof panel for the top for shade and one box of 3″ finish nails, forty-two 4″ deck screws and wood glue for added strength between each piece of wood. Once complete, I used a palm sander on all the edges. Next, I applied weather seal and allowed it to dry for one day. Then I applied a stain. Bring your muscles it’s a heavy lift so if building for yourself build it in place.

One, Two, Three Pallet Bars! Pallet Bars

One, Two, Three Pallet Bars! Pallet Bars

One, Two, Three Pallet Bars! Pallet Bars

One, Two, Three Pallet Bars! Pallet Bars

Excellent ideas! But now you need some Pallet Bar Stools to go with!

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Jill Hohn

Amy Hobbs

Mariette Leroux

continuer à nous donner des idées merc

Mariette Leroux

vraiment original!!!

Audrey Gérard

Sol Enn au boulot ?

Sol Enn
Reply to  Audrey Gérard

Waouh trop canon !

James Molloy

Brenda Szczesniak Molloy

Daniel Mezera

Here is my bar out of pallets

Jack Gomes

Geo Gomes regarde pas mal non !!

Stephen McCabe

Michelle McCabe that’s roof I want for bbq

Denise Addington

Tina Loftis and Patricia Durham Hann. Idk why but when I see this I think about y’all. lol!

Michelle Fogg

Does it come already put together or do u do it ur self

Alysha Zentveld

I want one! Jay Cunningham

Andy Reynolds

Poppy Smith, are u thinking what I’m thinking…. Grey Lynn garden?

Jimmie Grobe

Nice Cool-Aid Stand !!

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