Pallet FurniturePallet BarsMaking the Ultimate Garden Bar Using Pallets

Making the Ultimate Garden Bar Using Pallets

  • 20 pallets

  • medium

  • 30h

  • $150

My step-son and daughter-in-law wanted an ultimate garden pallet bar to complement their decking in their party garden. I decided that building them a bar would make an excellent wedding present. I priced pressure-treated, store-bought lumber, and it proved to be prohibitive – even for a small corner style unit!

Making the Ultimate Garden Bar Using Pallets – great party decor, outdoor gatherings, and lounge areas!

I received 20 pallets delivered to my driveway by going to the local builder’s merchants doing some cadging with them. I pressure-washed them (which took about 2 hours!), and I was ready to begin. As with all things, the design and size changed as ideas developed! I ended up building a full-scale beach-style tiki bar complete with galvanized steel roof for that authentic look. The roof was donated, so that kept the final cost to around £ 100! I hope you like it!

Making the Ultimate Garden Bar Using Pallets Pallet Bars
Making the Ultimate Garden Bar Using Pallets Pallet Bars

Now, how about more seating as people wait to line up at the bar?

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It looks fantastic! Can you tell me – does the roof make a lot of noise when it rains?


where the instructions on how to build

François Renard

Ca pourrait être bien mieux, Martin

Becky Warren

Shannon Johnson. This would be awesome. Lol.

Josh Hayes

Jazmyne Pizzoferrato

Tracie Schillig Pinkerton

Omg I love!!!!

Stéphanie Manzon

bof, enfin ça va avec la tôle ondulée derrière :-)

Jenny R-s

Trop beau

Michel Malhomme

c’est super !!!!

Renzia De Villiers

ja daardie braai area van wors sal hy nie daarvan hou nie jy moet hom wys

Tabita Potgieter

Renzia De Villiers die een kan beslis werk maar gaan meer as n jaar vat om kla te kry

Cecilia Casco Bazán

Oscar Ruben Cardozo Britos

Sal Munday

Colin Curd maybe we could get the boys at work to make this out of the crates down the back!

Sally Smart

Yvonne Wilkinson

Kimberly Goderis

Guillaume Garret dans le jardin :D

Jonathan Stark

Joséphine Lebrun

Sophie Maris

on avait fait le même

Rémi Fauvel

Bertrand Lrghr :)

Bertrand Lrghr


Rémi Fauvel

Dis moi et j’viens t’aider ;)

Mag Gaillimh

Dites moi et je fais les mojitos :

Pierre Gr

Romain Spriet pour l’année prochaine … ? :D

Josephine Demeuleneire

Lisa regarde ☺️

Lisa Bekaert

Je vais le montrer à papa :) dans le jardin se serait style :p

Aimee Kennedy

Ruan Simenson summer project

Jennifer Fowler

Krissy this is bad ass!

Krissy Lee Arnal

Isn’t it?!?! Mike wants his bar done, but orders and farm life for us BUSY!

Kyla Henry

Kris Gibbons u could totally do this

Charles 'Chuckles' Williams

Emma Ballard here ya go? Is this what you were talking about

Amon Perry

Daryn Robertson

Lara Edwards

Bhavesh Dahya Greg Bracken need

Greg Bracken

Out of pallets too. Summer project hard. Keen!

Greg Bracken

Can u still get pallets Bhavesh?

Bhavesh Dahya

that looks like a good place to drink cold piss Lara Edwards Gabriel Anderson

Greg Bracken

I’m serious. B cool around by the spa against the fence?

Gabriel Anderson

I’ve made one pallet table before so not interested in making any more furniture ever again.

I do like cold piss though.

Bhavesh Dahya

Yes I can get pallets

Greg Bracken

Sweet I’ll talk to the Olds. Be my next Lil project. Can u get a few pallets? Like not broken ones?

Lara Edwards

Make sure it’s sturdy so bhavesh can go all coyote ugly up on it

Gabriel Anderson

I hate warm piss Lara, if you like warm piss you’re a joker and quite possibly a liar because noone likes warm piss.

Gabriel Anderson

I don’t wanna be any part of this if there’s male strippers and warm piss.

Greg Bracken

Or pukaki

Bhavesh Dahya

Wow this seems like too much work. May be eaiser just to go to the Craic

Greg Bracken

Haha nar Bo. Cold piss HQ

Lara Edwards

Omg Bhavesh Dahya your such a quiter

Bhavesh Dahya

Can’t quit if u didn’t even start

Gabriel Anderson

Don’t think pallets spew gold coins either.

Bhavesh Dahya

Gabe….you may be on to something…….buy some pokie machines Greg Bracken, so me and Gabe can play some pokes, drink free cokes and have some smokes with the blokes

Lara Edwards

You rap now ?

Lara Edwards

You rap now ?

Bhavesh Dahya

Nope just quoting a legend

Bhavesh Dahya

Nope just quoting a legend

Bhavesh Dahya
Bhavesh Dahya
Gabriel Anderson


Gabriel Anderson


Wayne Lett

Lizz Davidson Sue Davidson

Lizz Davidson

Get busy then babe

Fraser Fraser

Gemma Arklay this is cool

Brandon Stanford

Jodie Cormack

Jodie Cormack

Yes I love this! Let’s make it!!! X

Cristina Del Vecchio


Cal Owles

Sam Roberts

Richard Wansink

Bruce Wilson my back yard needs one of these

Daniel Goodman

Hayden Kirk

Rick LeRoy
Rick LeRoy

cool and cheap,wife and I have been wanting one.Thanks for helping us find the right one!!!!

Johnny Leota

Austin James Burchill

Julien Olibo Adb

Max Ime

Jeannot Pallo

Quelqu’un sait si il y a un tuto pour cette merveilleuse création

Vincent Soubieille

Florient Pescadère pour la palombière !!!

Florient Pescadère

Ces trop bien Putin

Renee Bell


Charlène Lof

Damien Btgy

Joachim Bach

Joachim Laulo

Tanja Merl

Marco Merl

Axel Morand

Romain Masson à quand le bar palette de Masson?

Romain Masson

Bientot ;) avec la tireuse on sera mal

Kristina Isaksen

Ronnie Haland Jacobsen

Kevin Olsen

Vidar Egeberg Anders Solstrand Inge Christoffer Jegteberg Esben Bjellerås

Je'anne Nelson

Dm Nelson

Grace Burke

Daniel Figota Booth

Ian Taylor

Mark Gizzie

Mirabelle Lemaire

Pierre Le Rohellec

Clarisse Becot

Peut mieux faire Pierre ! !!

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