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Starry Night Pallet Half-moon Cradle!

I made a pallet half-moon cradle from pictures I found on 1001pallets. It has an MDF frame and soft lighting inside. I carved star shapes on the outside, too! The cradle sits on a sturdy wooden pedestal base.

Skip the ugly store-bought cradles and build an heirloom pallet half-moon cradle!

At the time I could not download plans, so I made my own by looking at the picture. First, I cut the shape out from MDF sheets. I dismantled several pallets and cut the boards into 18" lengths. Then I installed the boards on the outside of the half-moon shapes. I didn't have enough pallet wood, so I used leftover 1x4"s from another project.

Then I applied a whitewashed painting technique using gray paint. I used a changing table pad bought at a local store for inside bedding. Wire lighted added. Don't forget the DIY Bluejeans Bibs!

Starry Night Pallet Half-moon Cradle! Pallet Beds, Pallet Headboards & Frames
The finished cradle looks impressive, even without any lighting.
Starry Night Pallet Half-moon Cradle! Pallet Beds, Pallet Headboards & Frames
Soft white lights were added to illuminate the inside of the cradle.
Starry Night Pallet Half-moon Cradle! Pallet Beds, Pallet Headboards & Frames
Another view of the cradle.
Starry Night Pallet Half-moon Cradle! Pallet Beds, Pallet Headboards & Frames
The finished cradle, ready for the baby!
Starry Night Pallet Half-moon Cradle! Pallet Beds, Pallet Headboards & Frames
The cradle will accommodate the baby for a while!


Starry Night Pallet Half-moon Cradle! Pallet Beds, Pallet Headboards & Frames

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I want to purchase one. I need one of these so bad! I am a single mom and I dont know how to build this. But I REALLY want this for my baby girl


Did you find one yet?


Do you have a step by step for this?

SandRiine Blld

Jenny trouve des palettes ?

Anne Guri Mellingen

June Mellingen Valskrå det her skull vi ha sett tidliger ?

June Mellingen Valskrå

Ja, såg nånn laga akkurat sånn for nånn år sia ? Men det vart for avansert snekkering for mæ ?

Anne Guri Mellingen

Det hadd gått å bruk en stor kabeltrommel, og saga te den ?

June Mellingen Valskrå

Ja, det va ikke dumt… ??

Anne Guri Mellingen

Da e det bærre å kle igjen te bunn, og bruk stikksag tru æ det heite ??

June Mellingen Valskrå


Helen Martland

Emily Christina Martland ?❤️❤️❤️

Tom Wellner

Ole Wellner mach das für meine Nichte! Die hat’s verdient! XD

Kristina Marie Peterson

Denise DEntremont Peterson Chris Wells for the dogs??

Justine Munier

Alphonso Seedohf Sinho pour ta pepette quand elle va grandir ?

Alphonso Seedohf Sinho

Ce n’est Pas mal ?

Justine Munier


Marie Parker

Claire… still time for Ben to make one of these… ?

Ribeiro Leeyn

Delbo Pereira e Stephani Oliveira

Charlotte Gamee

How cool would this be Jason Blacklord Hedger Ellie Maii Smith ?

Marilyn Mayo

Amy Elms so cute if you have a girl

Andrezza Spexoto

Ana Carolina França Bogo, faz para Helena!

Ana Carolina França Bogo

Se for uma cama até rola. Me ajuda fazer?

Emmanuelle Antona

Karine Chertier trop beau

Galinette Mendonné Leboucan

C pas trop beau ça? Fanny Soulas

Rosa Maria Gonzalez Mayans

Es preciosa ?

Asha Cornford

Alice I love this ?

Anna Sauverain

How beautiful!!!

Madyson Vaughan

Bryniee Vaughan how cute

Angela Siermans

Sandra Miles Megan Jane Blagdon how amazing is this

Sandra Miles

Omg these are adorable ?

Megan Jane Blagdon

Wow that is cool ?

Jimmy Rigley

Alice Fiebig would you like me to have a crack at one of these? I’ll wait for a 45 degree day and grab a carton and get outside and build it, just a suggestion

Michelle Gilbertson

Shakira Chave – how cool is this?

Kerry Guthleben

Emma Trowbridge how cute is this!

Anne Wilson

Gosh, the old boy could knock one up for u…no problem. Marty Bennett ett

Krishelle Payze

Kelsi Fort super cute

Kelsi Fort

That’s very cute ?

Erin Thompson

Sharaya look how cute…..

Aden Dick

Jordan Cooper this is so over the top, but so cute

Jordan Cooper

Hahaha omg so extra ! I’ve seen some other dope ones as well

Tammy Cooper

How cute is it tho come on guys lol

Michelle Nelson

Omg that’s beautiful

Jacinda Groen

Jaimee Taylor Carissa Jensen ???

Jarrah Wilkins

Alicia Tangiiti ummm this is a little bit rad

Nicole Donnelly

Krista Payne, Nathan Paynes next job ??

Krystal Love

Jacob Love, please make this for us, so we can one more bed that baby won’t sleep in!

Jacob Love


Grahame Cupples


Suma Jeffcoat

So cute

Aynzleigh Abbott

Paige Abbott how cute

Zyan Paul Cantrelle

Do this for paisley Victoria Rose Cantrelle

Stan Cox

Buy me the wood and I’ll make it babes.

Loraine Scholten

Kate Bradshaw nice but doesn’t look very safe! Sides seem too low to stop a rolling baby….

Kate Bradshaw

As long as it looks good safety can be second

Kate Bradshaw

Or one in adult size

Loraine Scholten

Kate Bradshaw as long as it looks good???? Bwahahaha!

Leesa Stoddart

Emma Riggs get scott onto this cute as

Nicklin Evans

To a narrow minded person like yourself

Sean Evans

Because ur ‘pallet gifts’ are just pallets ya wank

Xavvierre Duncan

Leanne Heasley Duncan ???

Leanne Heasley Duncan

Nawww cute ??

Cat Ardi Brennan

Rebekah Clayton Mia said she wants this

Rebekah Clayton

From her Aunty Cat I believe

Cat Ardi Brennan

No from her mum and dad. A Hagan original I think she said…

Deb Scraps

Her Nana would like one too Aunty Cat lol

Rebekah Clayton

Not likely to happen from Hagans in this lifetime!! Too busy making your stuff

Jasmine Cameron

Jacinta Bradshaw Kate Bradshaw how cool is this!

Kate Bradshaw

I want one! As long as it doesn’t come in a flat pack ?

Jasmine Cameron

Make Brent do it hahaha

Kate Bradshaw

Brent ?

Jacinta Bradshaw


Destiny Spunner

Omg I love it ??

Louise Koupiansky

Liz, this is adorable….

Anna Brown

Love it

Sandra Brailey


Carol Fee

Kirsten Yellowlees – your princess needs one of these

Kirsten Yellowlees

Omg yes ?

Rachel Wheeler

Omg this is so kool

Jamie-Lee Palmer-Britton

Ashlee McTaggart look at this ?

Ashlee McTaggart

Omg I love ?

Jamie-Lee Palmer-Britton

Me too ?

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