Reclaimed Pallet Baby Cradle

By Gregthebuilderman

Here comes another Grandbaby who can’t sleep on the floor! I’ve built this standard baby cradle out of reclaimed wood pallets. The size of the sleeping area is 18″ x […]

Starry Night Pallet Half-moon Cradle!

By fkain

This cradle was made by looking at your picture of the same on your website. Made from recycled pallets and MDF.

Adorable Pallet Moon Crib Pair!

By Neokentin

I made this Pallet Moon Crib Pair using 3/4” MDF board and pallet boards. The pallet boards form the sides and back of the crib, and the MDF is part of […]

Pallet Crescent Moon Crib Takes Shape!

By Neokentin

This Pallet Crescent Moon Crib is the first thing I’ve ever tried to build in my life! This project isn’t finished yet, but I was excited to share with you all. […]

The Baby Pallet Bed

By tchopko

Little niece is coming on a visit, and we need a frame around her bed, but it has also to be easily put down… where are my pallets?

My Version of a Moon Cradle

By Valkenburg

There are several versions of the moon cradle online; this is mine. I decided to raise the cradle to save my back ;-) It also gave me the opportunity to […]


Pallet Crib

By Neokentin

This id 95% used pallets, sanded and sealed. Metal crib parts can be purchased online. Side rail moves up and down. Total cost was about $100.


Pallet Bed Baby Moon Cradle

By Neokentin

A moon shaped baby cradle made outta palletts.

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