Pallet Lamps & Lights

Pallet Lamps, Pallet Lights & Pallet Lighting are a cost-effective way to bring light and cheerfulness to your home or to illuminate your outdoor living areas. Use pallets to make amazing lighting crafts! No matter your style, including rustic, vintage or ultra-modern, you can find inspiration to add unique lighting designs to your home. Better yet, use free wooden pallets, as they’re perfect for this purpose. Make original, unique, stylish and wallet-friendly home accessories from repurposed wooden pallets.

Everything you need to know about pallet lights, pallet lamps & lighting. Build your own pallet floor lamp with our best DIY ideas! If you need a desk lamp, you’ll have so many to choose from that you may have to make several!  Floor lamps, hanging lamps, chandeliers, sconces, and bar lighting are only a few ideas. With a simple store-bought light kit and some creativity, you can light up your life!

Cannabis Leaf Pallet Wall Décor

Diy: Wood Pallet Lantern

Pallet Pendant Lamp

Pallet Shadow Box Wall Lamp Project

Elegantly Upcycled Wood Pedestal Lamp

Hang-em-high Pallet Gallows Lamp, Table Lamp

Mason Jar Lamp Pallet Side Table

Saturn Rings Led Pendant Light

Diy Video Tutorial: Nautical-themed Pallet Mini Lamp

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