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How to Tell If a Wood Pallet Is Safe for Reuse?

Two BILLION pallets are used for transporting products every day. Many more pallets are lying around. It is no surprise that so many projects are made with pallets! At 1001Pallets, we have over four thousand …

Workshop Safety: Pallet Woodworking Safety Tips

It’s funny. I see people writing in every day, commenting about pallet safety. "Is my pallet safe?" What people DON'T ask, and they should, is "How can I be safe when woodworking?" The art and …

Glue Types for Woodworking

Part of woodworking is to do good joinery; if the joints are tight and well-fitting, you’ve got a better chance of long-term success. But the other part is gluing those joints – particularly if you’re …
Latest Free Plans

Simple Pallet Wall Clock

This tutorial by Bettina from “PaintyCloud” will show you how to make a beautiful and simple pallet wall clock out of one pallet easily.1 Pallet. 3 Hours. We evaluated this project as an …

Terrasse En Palettes Recyclées

Voici un tutoriel réalisé par François de "Torpoon Home Creation" et qui vous expliquera comment réaliser une terrasse à l'aide de 90 à 100 palettes recyclées et beacoup d'huile de coude. 90-100 Palettes. Quelques jours. …
Best-of Pallet Projects

Best Of: 5 of Our Most Popular Pallet Projects

We need to face next year with the best projects and ideas made from repurposed wooden pallets! Here is our little Top 5 with some of our most popular pallet ideas! Enjoy!1. Our Most Popular …

19 Fathers Day Pallet Project Ideas!

Everyone has seen someone famous, be it an athlete or movie star, thank mom. That's wonderful, but what about Dear Ol' Dad? Let's show our appreciation for that special guy with some excellent Fathers Day Pallet …

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