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Common Types of Wood Joints You Should Know

[toc] Wood joinery is one of the most fundamental concepts in woodworking. How do you attach pallet boards together? Why did you join them together in that fashion? Here's a list of common types of wood joints …

Workshop Safety: Pallet Woodworking Safety Tips

It’s funny. I see people writing in every day, commenting about pallet safety. "Is my pallet safe?" What people DON'T ask, and they should, is "How can I be safe when woodworking?" The art and …
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Pallet Compost Bin

I was asked to try some roofing and siding products to make something for my yard. So, I decided to make a Gated Pallet Compost Bin. I added the front gates so it would be …

Pallet Garden Pathway

This tutorial by François from "Torpoon Home Creation" will show you how to build a pallet pathway for your garden! Easy, cheap & gorgeous... what else? Create a beautiful and attractive walkway to keep your shoes …
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15 Amazing Easter Pallet Craft Ideas

Aah, Easter - springtime, renewal, and... bunnies! Here are some great Easter Pallet Craft Ideas that you may want to try! Editor's note: Remember, bunnies and ducklings are adorable, but please use caution before you give …

13 Star Wars Creations From Recycled Pallets

Star Wars fans all over the world went recently wild while waiting for the release of the new movie, "The Force Awakens." The pallet crafters also pay tribute and sometimes play with this iconic film. …

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