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Glue Types for Woodworking

Part of woodworking is to do good joinery; if the joints are tight and well-fitting, you’ve got a better chance of long-term success. But the other part is gluing those joints – particularly if you’re …
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Pallet Half-Moon Cradle

This tutorial by Jochem Dijkstra in collaboration with 1001Pallets will describe how to make the world famous half-moon cradle out of three repurposed wooden pallets. This half-moon cradle is inspired by "Le Berceau lune d'Heidi" from Crème …

Brilliant Cordless Tool Station You Can Make

Properly organizing and storing our tools is something most of us strive for but it’s an ongoing process. And some of us [raises hand] are often far less organized than we’d like to be. Seeing …

Pallet Wine Rack

This tutorial by Jean-Christian Gambellin will show you how to made a pallet wine rack/shelf for your kitchen.1 Pallet. Approximately 1 day to make it. Need some skills to do it, …
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Top 5 September 2017 Pallet Ideas You Chose!

Another month is gone, but you all continue to come up with fantastic ideas! Here are the top 5 September 2017 Pallet Ideas that you picked! Please keep those brilliant ideas coming!Here they are! The top 5 September …

15 Terrific Pallet Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

Halloween is gone... and already we're hearing Christmas jingles, but there's a delicious holiday in between! You have to see these 15 fabulous - and easy - Pallet Thanksgiving Craft Ideas! We've scoured the 'net …

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