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How To Stain Pallet Wood: Tips for Beginners

So you've found a beautiful wooden pallet (and checked that this pallet is safe to use for your project), and you're ready to start your pallet project? The first step is to dismantle your pallet, …

The History of Pallets

[toc] While they might not seem all that significant, pallets play a major role in the history of our economy. At first glance, those flat wooden structures sitting outside grocery stores, filled with jars of pickles may …
Latest Free Plans

Pallet Hidden Desk

This tutorial by François from "Torpoon Home Creation" in collaboration with 1001Pallets will show you how to make a hidden pallet desk out of four repurposed wooden pallets. This idea is perfect for a small …

6 Easy Ways To Cut & Drill Holes In Glass Bottles

This PDF tutorial by Recyclart.org will show you different methods to cut & drill holes in Glass Bottles.  Cut bottles vertically or horizontally and turn them into lights, lamps, unique planters and more. Here are …

Easy Pallet Christmas Tree

This tutorial will teach YOU how to make a Pallet Christmas Tree in 7 Easy Steps with everyday tools! Decorate your indoor or outdoor living spaces for Christmas and save money for the pre-holiday sales! …
Best-of Pallet Projects

6 Terrific Pallet Sleds You Can Make Quickly!

Enjoy the winter and snow with a selection of Pallet Sleds that you can make! Use the sleds for playtime, winter chores, and home decor! Check out these ideas and don't stay indoors! Get outside …

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