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How To Stain Pallet Wood: Tips for Beginners

So you've found a beautiful wooden pallet (and checked that this pallet is safe to use for your project), and you're ready to start your pallet project? The first step is to dismantle your pallet, …
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Pallet Compost Bin

I was asked to try some roofing and siding products to make something for my yard. So, I decided to make a Gated Pallet Compost Bin. I added the front gates so it would be …

Pallet Wine Rack

This tutorial by Jean-Christian Gambellin will show you how to make a pallet wine rack/shelf for your kitchen. Set aside a day and you'll finish this project easily! Cheers! Turn one pallet into a handy Pallet …

Easy Kid's Pallet Playhouse

This tutorial will show you how to build a kid's pallet playhouse! This fast project is flexible and expandable. Create many storage and organization solutions for your yard & garden! Use this idea for wood …
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6 Terrific Pallet Sleds You Can Make Quickly!

Enjoy the winter and snow with a selection of Pallet Sleds that you can make! Use the sleds for playtime, winter chores, and home decor! Check out these ideas and don't stay indoors! Get outside …

Top 34 Creative Pallet Garden Ideas For Springtime!

How does your garden grow? If you're a DIY specialist, make your garden areas GREAT with our selection of Crafter's projects for creative pallet garden ideas! 34 Creative Pallet Garden Ideas - from pallet potting benches …

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