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Workshop Safety: Pallet Woodworking Safety Tips

It’s funny. I see people writing in every day, commenting about pallet safety. "Is my pallet safe?" What people DON'T ask, and they should, is "How can I be safe when woodworking?" The art and …

Ultimate Guide To Upcycling Pallets

In this Ultimate Guide To Upcycling Pallets, you'll discover that pallets are excellent material to upcycle into many projects. They can be as simple as a shelf, to an entire shed or even a home! …
Latest Free Plans

The Beginner Guide For Pallet Crafting

This Beginner Guide For Pallet Crafting by Jérémy from Lab11.be will teach you how to get started building furniture using pallet wood! Don't be afraid to jump into those projects you've been pinning for years. Do …

Pallet Half-Moon Cradle

This tutorial by Jochem Dijkstra in collaboration with 1001Pallets describes how to make the world famous half-moon cradle out of three repurposed wooden pallets. This half-moon cradle is inspired by "Le Berceau lune d'Heidi" from Crème Anglaise. Build …

Pallet Sliding Barn Doors

This tutorial by Kathleen McCown will show you the step-by-step instructions to build a set of sliding barn doors for the closet in her room because the bed is so far over that it gets in …
Best-of Pallet Projects

5 Easy Pallet Snowman Ideas For Your Holidays!

Let it snow...or build one of our Pallet Snowman Ideas! These cheery wooden creatures are budget-friendly additions to your holiday decor!Dismantle some pallets and make one of these Pallet Snowman Ideas! Don't forget to put a …

Top 5 September 2017 Pallet Ideas You Chose!

Another month is gone, but you all continue to come up with fantastic ideas! Here are the top 5 September 2017 Pallet Ideas that you picked! Please keep those brilliant ideas coming!Here they are! The top 5 September …

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