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The History of Pallets

While they might not seem all that significant, pallets play a major role in the history of our economy. At first glance, those flat wooden structures sitting outside grocery stores, filled with jars of pickles may …

Where to Get Free Pallets? Where to Buy Pallets?

Go to classified ads Submit your classified ad Here at 1001Pallets, our readers are always asking “Where could we get free wooden pallets?” (or at least for only a minimal cost) to make their pallet DIY projects. There …
Latest Free Plans

Pallet Hanging Chair

This is a very comfortable and easy and low-cost step-by-step DIY to make your own outdoor hanging chair using one or two recycled pallets and paracord!1-2 Pallets. Approximately 4 hours to make it. We …

Pallet Compost Bin

I was asked to try some roofing and siding products to make something for my yard. So, I decided to make two Gated Pallet Compost Bins. I added the front gates so it would be …

Brilliant Cordless Tool Station You Can Make

Properly organizing and storing our tools is something most of us strive for but it’s an ongoing process. And some of us [raises hand] are often far less organized than we’d like to be. Seeing …

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