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Types of Glue for Woodworking

[toc] Part of woodworking is to do good joinery; if the joints are tight and well-fitting, you’ve got a better chance of long-term success. But the other part is gluing those wood joints – particularly if …

Common Types of Wood Joints You Should Know

[toc] Wood joinery is one of the most fundamental concepts in woodworking. How do you attach pallet boards together? Why did you join them together in that fashion? Here's a list of common types of wood joints …
Latest Free Plans

Pallet Bathroom Storage

This tutorial by Bettina from “PaintyCloud” will show you how to make a pallet bathroom storage for your bathroom. Organize and keep the most important room in the house neat. Use this idea for toilet …

A Pallet Module For Exhibitions (Esagomo)

This tutorial by Fabiana Aneghini & Mirco Vacchi from EsagOmo will show you how to make a hexagonal Pallet Module for exhibitions from recycled wooden pallets (as seen in our post EsagOmo: A Pallet Module …

Pallet Garden Chair

This tutorial by Mark Valkenburg will show you how to made a garden chair from recycled pallets. 3-4 Pallets. Approximately 2 afternoons to make it. Need some good skills to do it, we evaluated this project …
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6 Terrific Pallet Sleds You Can Make Quickly!

Enjoy the winter and snow with a selection of Pallet Sleds that you can make! Use the sleds for playtime, winter chores, and home decor! Check out these ideas and don't stay indoors! Get outside …

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