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1001Pallets.com’s goal is to highlight your ideas made up from recycled, reused, upcycled or repurposed wooden pallets. 1001Pallets.com is here to tickle your creativity and invites you to exercise your imagination to come up with sustainable creations around this incredible and versatile raw material which is the pallet.

1001Pallets.com was launched on January the 1st 2013, and since its foundation, it has risen from a simple blog to a huge community of crafters from all around the world. They all have the same motivation:  showing thousands of creative ideas to recycle wooden pallets.

Currently, and without being too presumptuous, we are one of the largest websites covering the subject of recycled pallets: furniture, decoration, storage systems, artwork, and more. The ideas exposed on the site are endless, and 1001Pallets.com appears like the ultimate portfolio for whoever is interested in wooden pallets.

Since the beginning, we have wanted 1001Pallets.com to be open to everyone. Our ambition is to give exposure to as many recycling artists, crafters, and small business owners as possible since it is very often what they lack the most. So if you have come up with a beautiful project using recycled pallets, please take 2 minutes to share it with us by using our “contribute page.“ Just send us pictures (from one to five), and if the possible, the link where our readers can find more information and a description of your work. We will look carefully at all your contributions (whether they are homemade products, everyday objects or artistic creations) and we will publish them with your link.

We are two friends working behind the scenes of 1001Pallets.com: Dimitri & Quentin. Some of you may already know us as we pull the strings of another website dedicated to recycling ideas: Recyclart.org.

Since July 2016, our team grew up with the arrival of Heather that helps us to animate the community on this website and our Facebook page. She also reviews all your fantastic submissions!

If you want to know a little more about us, here are is an interview:

As a conclusion, we would like to thank all of our readers and contributors: you are the ones who make this website lively and who, day after day, give us the motivation to go forward!

Dimitri, Quentin & Heather.

Meet the team!


Dimitri BOULZE (Neodim)

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Engineer, Co-founding partner of 1001Pallets.
I earned my Engineer degree in Biochemistry and Genetics from INSA (Toulouse, FR). Then, I worked as an environmental consultant while sharing green inspiration in my spare time. I co-founded Recyclart.org and 1001Pallets.com in order to have impact through positive inspiration. I helped 1001pallets grow as a strong community of pallet crafters and woodworkers. I love spending time with my daughters, cooking, hiking, and have a passion for refurbished vintage pieces of furniture.


Quentin JEANDEL (Neokentin)

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Engineer, Co-founding partner of 1001Pallets.
I earned my Engineer degree in Aeronautics & Spatial Telecommunications and Navigation Systems from INSA (Toulouse, FR). I worked as a sub-contractor for Airbus Aerospace & Defense for more than 12 years; I was the guy who worked on the black box inside the aircraft that gives its exact position, useful if you want to land in the right place :). Since September 2015 I’m now working full-time on 1001Pallets.com & Recyclart.org. I’m passionate about recycling, vintage & refurbished things; I’m always amazed by the creativity of people around the world and how with their two hands and some imagination they can transform almost anything into beautiful objects. I also love to explore flea markets in search of “hidden treasures.” I’m also a kind of a geek, and I’m behind the technical aspects of 1001Pallets.com & Recyclart.org, so if something is not working as it should, it’s all my fault, and you should contact me for debugging purposes (Heather calls me the WordPress Ninja Guy :)). In my spare time, I love going into the countryside, hiking in the mountains, drinking a delicious glass of wine with my friends, traveling to explore the beautiful places of this earth and meet other people and cultures.



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I’m Heather – you’ll know me as HeatherStiletto – and I was very honored to be asked to become a part of the 1001pallets.com team. I’m not sure why I was so lucky, but it’s been terrific to get to help you all develop your submissions, learn about the behind-the-scenes duties and responsibilities that are required to maintain a community blog. It’s been an adventure, and I’m grateful for the kindness and gentle guidance of your two wonderful Administrators – Quentin and Dimitri. So my first duty is to applaud them and give them some pallet love!

The Admins, for some reason, think you all may be curious about us, so they asked me to spill my guts. I’m a Licensed Vocational Nurse in Southern California and work home health, skilled nursing, hospitals, hospice, rehab & detox facilities as well as being a nurse educator for over five years. I am married to a very patient, tolerant husband who indulges (and actually has only himself to blame) my woodworking hobby. I have five “fur-children” at the moment – a Neapolitan Mastiff, an English Mastiff, and three cats. All are from rescues or rescue situations. I do volunteer for Giant Breed Rescue and am always looking for alternative ways to help since I live in a home that is only 824 sq. ft. – Only 24 sq. Ft. larger than the classification of a “tiny home” by the current standards.

I’ve always liked working with my hands. My father was a mechanic and machinist and used me as his handy grease-monkey as a kid. We built my first vehicle together – a 1956 Chevy pickup – and I pulled the original Saginaw transmission out and swapped it with a delicious Muncie and installed a Hurst shifter, Holly carb, etc. Old-school muscle-car style, baby! He taught me the basics of plumbing, electrical, and general home maintenance, as well as the critical part: SAFETY!

I was inspired to get into working out of a two-fold problem: Too little money and too much want! I had those horrible plastic chaise lounges, and of course, it dry-rotted in the sun. I wanted a sturdy, durable wood one, but they were way overpriced. Then I noticed that they really weren’t that difficult of a build, so I looked around for DIY chaise lounges plans. That got me to 1001pallets.com, and the husband suggested that we scrounge a few pallets and give it a try. He generously opened his shed and shared his woodworking tools (and experience) with me. He let me do it, and although I had to figure out a couple of things I did wrong, I eventually got it built… and submitted it. I was thrilled when the Admins accepted it, and then I started looking around for things I needed and wanted, and now, 33 projects and a few blog posts later, I am privileged to be a part of the team.

My pallet fascination has exploded beyond our shed we built a couple of years ago – a 12’ x 14’ garden shed (of course out of reclaimed products – and it’s one of my posts, haha), and I’m now moving into a SECOND shed – a 7’ x 14’ to hold more power tools. I was looking at my shed yesterday and shaking my head. I started out with a little bucket of the basics, plus a couple of simple power tools (a circular saw, my husband’s drill & driver, etc.), and now I’ve got a rolling cart full of hand planes, rasps and files, punches, Dremel rotary tool and Dremel mini saw set, a variety of hammers, specialty clamps and chisels, a variety of handsaws, my own Makita power drill/driver set, angle grinder, mini belt/disc sander, full-size belt/disc sander, power hand planer, 3-blade full-size planer, planer/joiner, miter saw, table saw, mini wood lathe, 36” wood lathe, radial arm saw, and a 10” band saw. It’s crazy, but it’s a blast.

Don’t hesitate to jump in and try wood crafting. My fascination started with ONE project. Now I’m here… It’s a crazy world, huh?

PS – feel free to reach out and contact me if I can be of assistance:  heather@1001pallets.com I’ll be happy to help you with your posts, finding information, or answering questions to the best of my ability. As always, Happy Palleting!