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Top 5 Pallet Projects Made In January 2018

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You've survived the holidays and dug out from under the snow. While you're waiting for your paperwork for your taxes, why not build one of these Top 5 Pallet Projects of January 2018? You chose them, so get out there and create them! Be sure to check out the DIY tutorials that two of these projects have, too!

January 2018 Inspirational Pallet Ideas For You!

#1: Get organized with a Multi-Purpose Pallet Cabinet! Don't forget to make a DIY Lamp, so your creation is well-lit!

The top project of January 2018 is a pallet cabinet.
Here's the top post for January! The crafter built this cabinet entirely from pallet wood! Leave it rustic, or sand the project smooth for timeless elegance. Use this idea as a dining room buffet or sideboard, or add storage in your office or hobby room. Picture these cabinets in your kitchen, too!

#2: Strip! Build a stunning coffee table or bench with layers of pallet wood!

The second most popular project of January 2018 is a stacked pallet coffee table.
The stacked method of assembly creates a lightweight and airy look, but this project is very sturdy. This style of construction makes excellent benches and end tables, too! Modern style with upcycled materials gives you a definite sense of pride.

#3: Build a scrappy little Pallet Robot guaranteed to melt hearts!

The third most popular project of January 2018 is a scrappy little Pallet Robot with a DIY Video Tutorial.
Make this sad, sweet little robot as a charming Valentine's gift for a loved one. This project has a DIY Video Tutorial, too!  Hand-made projects say you adore them much better than store-bought items!

#4: Build an astounding set of Pallet Stairs!

The 4th most popular project of January 2018 is a set of Pallet Stairways.
Pallets create an elegant stairway made in this home. Have wide, sweeping stairs to your upstairs living areas using pallets! Always check with your local planning and zoning department to ensure compliance with building codes.

#5: This Easy Pallet Desk was a crafter-favorite - and comes with a DIY Tutorial available to download in PDF!

The final of five pallet projects for January 2018 is this easy-as-pie pallet desk with a downloadable tutorial.
Build a simple, multi-functional desk for any room of the house. Make a guilt-free art desk for the kids, too! This project also has DIY plans for you! Handy side shelves and a lightweight design make this project an ideal project for your outdoor potting table as well.
Check out the Top 5 Pallet Projects from Jan. 2018 You Chose! Furniture ideas for every room; gifts for Valentine\'s day, & two DIY tutorials are ready for you! #diypalletideas #palletcabinet #palletdesk #palletcoffeetable #palletrobot #stairs
Bio: I'm a Licensed Vocational Nurse in Southern California, and enjoy woodworking with pallets. I've mad... read more

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