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I Want Wine Crates: Where to Find Free or Cheap Wood Crates

Wine crates, fruit crates, beer crates, and packing crates add retro style to your home. They’re quite popular as an upcycling medium because many arrive decorated. Vintage boxes have stunning artwork. People regularly ask where they can find free wood crates – and you’ll have to be a bit of a detective, but they do exist.

Wood Crates & Wine Crates like these wine crates listed on etsy are reasonably priced.
Get a selection of wine crates from Etsy sellers. Many are reasonably priced!

It takes patience and effort to find free wood crates & wine crates

To create a unique wooden crate furniture piece for your home, you’ll need patience. Plan on scouring the internet and consider setting up a recurring Google search. Use apps and check your local community sales sites such as craigslist.com. One significant way to help your luck is to network. Speak to the employees at stores most likely to have crates. Think of any store that receives large quantities of breakables, mainly imports. Most use cardboard, but high-end importers still use wood for expensive items. Offer to pick up after-hours or before the store opens to minimize disruptions. Don’t expect any help loading and come prepared with a friend if necessary. NEVER leave any messes behind. If some crates are too damaged, leave them stacked as neatly as possible. Courtesy is critical when you network for free stuff!

List of possible sources of cheap wood crates & wine crates

  • Craigslist (although many listings are now sales)
    • be prepared to pounce as free crates & pallets go quickly
    • Sellers won’t typically hold free items
  • Phone community sales apps may have free stuff
  • Liquor stores – but think smaller, "mom & pop" places first.
  • Wineries & Vineyards
    • don’t be afraid to ask for damaged ones – you can piece them together
  • Gift shops
  • Grocery stores
    • especially those with a liquor department
  • Construction sites
  • Hardware stores & home improvement stores
    • don’t forget smaller, "mom & pop" places first!
  • Motorcycle dealerships (large-size shipping crates)
  • Glass companies
  • Home décor centers
  • Arts & crafts stores
  • Garden stores & nurseries
  • Pet supply stores
  • Look at all those small shops around you that receive in a lot of breakables. Some shipped in crates
  • Costco & Sam’s Club – both receive a substantial amount of wine and high-end liquors

This shipping crate is listed for free on a southern California craigslist search. It holds helicopter parts, but look at the cool stamps and labels that could be incorporated into a bitchin' man cave!

Wood Crates & Wine Crates can come in all shapes and sizes, like this free helicopter parts crate.

This oversized wooden crate is for sale on a southern California Offerup search. It sells for 10 dollars. That is a coffee table or bookshelf in the making!

phone apps like offerup and letgo are good sources of wood crates & Wine Crates.

If you have a favorite adult beverage, chances are you'll find a corresponding shipping crate on Etsy.

This Galliano shipping crate is a great example of a Wood Crate and Wine Crates.
Delco Beverage Shipping Crate
429 Reviews
Delco Beverage Shipping Crate
Delco Beverage Shipping Crate! Great decor piece. Holds 24 bottles. Some chipped wood on the top and bottom. Perfect for porch decor or planter. In good vintage condition with reasonable wear. Dimen...

Find vintage vineyard crates on Etsy.

Wood Crates & Wine Crates like this vintage vineyard crate are readily available on etsy.

This shipping crate is a quick-assemble wood crate for shipping motorcycles. Frequently, dealerships will advertise locally for "come and get it" free pickup days. Or, buy a new bike and ask to keep the wood crate. Your administrator had no shame and asked for the pallet that her motorcycle was delivered on :)

Wood Crates come in all sizes, like this one for shipping full size motorcycles. Not a Wine Crates, but full of goodness nonetheless.

If you can’t find free wood crates & wine crates, you can buy them for a few dollars each

Can't find free wood crates or wine crates? Watch for bargains and check sites frequently, you could find some cheap wood crates on those sites. If you want ornate crates or panels, you’ll pay a premium. Used and upcycling stores like Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc. Were you aware that Goodwill has an online bidding site?

Wood Crates & Wine Crates can be found on online bidding sites like Goodwill and others.
Here is a small sample of wooden crates available on the Goodwill bidding site. Don't forget your local vintage, antique, and used stores for bargains!

Swap meets flea markets & garage/yard sales. Ikea has wooden fruit & wine baskets starting at $10.

The Knagglig Wood Crate by Ikea. Built in a Wine Crates style.
The Knagglig wood crate by Ikea.

Hobby Lobby has a variety of wooden crates beginning at $8.

A sampling of Wood Crates & Wine Crates available at Hobby Lobby.
A selection of the wood boxes available at Hobby Lobby.

Home Depot has a variety of wood crates ranging from $9.

Wine Crates and wood crates are readily available.
Find wooden storage boxes at Home Depot!

Lowe’s has several wood crates, and the price starts at $13.

Wood Crate & Wine Crates available at Lowes.
A sturdy fruit-style container from Lowe's

Michael’s has several wood crates beginning at $6.

Wood Crates mini Wine Crates are available at Michaels Craft Centers.
One example of a box available at Michaels craft centers.

Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts has a variety of wood crates beginning at $10.

Wood Crates & Wine Crates are available at Joann Fabrics & Crafts.
Examples of wooden boxes and containers available at Joann Fabrics & Crafts.

Those Liquor & Wine “mega-stores” such as Bevmo or even Amazon.

Amish Wood Crates & non-alcoholic Wine Crates available on Amazon
Amish-built crates & boxes.

Other online stores:

  • eBay
  • overstock.com
  • wayfair.com has a broad array of containers
  • etsy.com has a vast assortment of crates in many styles/colors/sizes for your home
  • Pinterest is an excellent source of DIY inspiration as well as boxes for sale
  • Offerup ( phone app) – search for items you want on the go.
  • Letgo (phone app) – search for items you want on the go.

If you have other sources for free wood crates or wine crates, please let us know! Are you searching for raw wood pallets for your next DIY project? Do not hesitate to check our classified ads section where you can find some free pallets in your area! More tips on where to find pallets for sale?

Do you want to learn the best way to store apples, crates could be helpful in for this!

Bio: I'm a Licensed Vocational Nurse in Southern California, and enjoy woodworking with pallets. I've mad... read more

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George Starr
George Starr

Hello I have hundreds of good condition wine crates I’m looking to sell the whole lot or just a single one contact me these will go fast.


Hello Mr. Staff…I’m interested in purchasing around 15. Do you have pictures and can you quote me a price?


Have any left?

Susan Parker
Susan Parker

I am interested. I want to make a kitty room and hang some on the wall for them to sleep in and climb on. Price and sizes? Thanks so much!


I would go to the wine shop and ask the shop keeper if they are spare me some. I find that wine crate are better looking.

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