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Four-pallet Bed Frame With Side Table

  • 4 pallets

  • medium

  • 12h

  • $50

I needed to build a new bed frame but wasn't having luck finding matching pallets. Frustrated and out of options I ran across two pallets the same odd width 67" but different height and length. One was 27-1/2 long and 6" tall; the other was 48" long and 5" tall. The next day I found two more one was 970 x 670 and the other 30" x 44."
My new mattress is queen size 60" wide by 80" long. I saw a Four-Pallet Bed Frame in my future!

Sometimes you have to get creative to build your project. I used mismatched pallets to make my Four-Pallet Bed Frame.

First, I placed the 67" pallets end-to-end that gave me a 67" x 75.5" platform. I could work with that. Next, I added shims that matched the height, so they were both 6" tall. I used 3" self-tapping screws and added support so I could take the final frame apart in two pieces. This decision made the bed easy to move by myself. After getting a general idea of what I was going to build I used Illustrator and made some basic plans to follow. With plans in hand, the first thing I did was square up the two pallets and spliced them together. I added 4" x 4"x 6" feet attached with 1/4" x 4-1/2" lag bolts and glue.

I used two more pallets to create the reinforcement for my Four-Pallet Bed Frame:

The support wood came from the other two pallets that I completely broke down. I used those pieces plus a couple 2"x2" 's and a plank of siding I got at a large home center in the scrap wood pile for around $3.00 total. I built the side table and headboard from these pieces of scrap wood. Note the purple spray on the planks :). The whole project took me about 12 hours working a little at night and one Saturday.

Four-Pallet Bed Frame finishing touches:

I finished it off by stapling burlap over the slats. Since the slats went in two different directions, I thought the burlap improved the look.  I also added 1" x 6" side skirts to hide the various sized pallets. That was the biggest cost at about $9.00 a board, and I needed three. Finally, I added 4- 4-1/2" swivel and brake locking casters. This brought the grand total for my new bed frame to about $50.00 This was my first project and I'm hooked.

Good job Spencer, and welcome to our site! - your pallets admin team. :)

Four-Pallet Bed Frame finished and put to good use.
My new bed frame is complete and put to good use.
My Four-Pallet Bed Frame has a small side table.
I added a small side table to the frame.
I used shims to adjust the height difference between the two pallets on my Four-Pallet Bed Frame.
I added shims to adjust the height difference of the two pallets.
I added LED backlighting to the headboard of my Four-Pallet Bed Frame.
LED-backlighting makes everything look cooler, doesn't it?

The headboard is installed and the frame is secured together.

Breaking down pallets for my Four-Pallet Bed Frame.

Another view of the underside of my Four-Pallet Bed Frame.

My complete bed with LED back-lighting! Now make yourself a quick-and-airy lounger! Turn plastic spoons into a colorful peacock!


Bio: I've been a kid all my life and refuse to grow up completely. Always loved to build as long as I can... read more

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