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by Divine Pallets

Whitewashed Headboard With Stenciling

  • 3 pallets

  • easy

  • 2h

  • free

After taking apart the pallets, (which was the hardest part of the project) we cut the pieces of wood into the desired lengths. For this project the measurements were as follow. 2 x 1200 mm for the feet and 17 x 900 mm for the headboard itself, with the width being 1400 mm

We started by sanding the wood, and once this was complete, we began building a panel-like wall with the wood. So here you will need 2 x extra lengths of timber (1400 mm long to nail to the back of the panel) Once you Glued and Nailed it to the back of the panel, you have a beautiful frame. Now just glue and nail your feet to the panel and make sure to add screws to ensure a lasting item. (Just a hint from us at Divine Pallets) Always remember to use Wood Glue on all your projects Even though you use a nail gun or screws, you need to remember the Glue. I always tell the people working with me……The nails and screws are only there to hold an item together…Until the glue has dried. Glue is essential to any project.

So after the glue has dried, we painted it with a standard White PVA (water base)and once that dried nicely, sanded it down by hand just a little for the wood to reappear. That being done, we continued by adding stenciling of the lovely birds onto the headboard and sealed it with Clear Varnish Matt finish from Plascon Paints.

Enjoy the project.

Whitewashed Headboard With Stenciling Pallet Beds, Pallet Headboards & Frames

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