Pallets in the GardenLounges & Garden SetsQuick-n-airy Pallet Sun Lounger For Serious Relaxin’!

Quick-n-airy Pallet Sun Lounger For Serious Relaxin’!

  • 1 pallet

  • medium

  • 5h

  • $20

I constructed this Pallet Sun Lounger from an oversized plasterboard pallet, plus some scrap 2×4″ pieces to create the legs. Additionally, I used two hinges for the adjustable headrest.

Enjoy your outdoor living areas and do some relaxing on a fast, fun Pallet Sun Lounger!

First, I cut four center pallet boards where I wanted the headrest to hinge. I attached scrap pieces to the back to stabilize and create the headboard piece.  Then, I added hinges to incline the back and made notches along the inner sides to keep the various incline positions. I added legs and will finish it by placing decking planks all around the edges.

Quick-n-airy Pallet Sun Lounger For Serious Relaxin’! Lounges & Garden Sets
Find an oversized pallet, or just join two shorter ones to create a relaxing chaise lounge for your outdoor living space. You can use scrap pieces to secure the headrest portion and scrap 2×4″ boards for the legs.

Add an excellent Swing Rest Chair to your outdoor living areas too!  Or, make a Pallet Couch & Endtable Combo!

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