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by Andy Reay

Garden Sofa & Coffee Table

  • 13 pallets

  • n/a

  • n/a

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I originally wanted the rattan corner sofa but couldn’t afford it so I made this from 13 pallets I got from work. I used the plywood topped type as I didn’t want any gaps on the seats. The whole project took two days with filling and painting.

The two drawers on the end are good for storage and also means when they are open our dog can use it as a step to get on the sofa. The cushions are from reclining garden chairs and covered with old duvet covers. The coffee table has wheels. We love to use this to eat, drink and bbq.

Garden Sofa & Coffee Table Lounges & Garden Sets

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Cinthia Hamelin

On dirait ton salon de jardin, les roulettes en moins, tu vois sue t’es vachement douée belle soeur


I love the stuff you had made from pallets. Not sure if I’m just missing it or their aren’t any. But was looking for directions so I can try a couple projects. Thanks Tamya

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