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The Pallet Mud Kitchen I Made for My Niece

By SteveSyme

I decided to make a pallet mud kitchen for my niece.

How I Made A Children’s Wood Pallet Kitchen For Indoor / Outdoor

By DJHydron

This children’s kitchen is made of a simple wooden pallet. The pallet boards are sanded by hand, with sandpaper. The circular parts of the board were cut with a jigsaw. […]

Pallet Skate Ramp

By Chimmi

This skateboard ramp is a structure that is easy to build and does not require a lot of pallets. The dimensions of this ramp are 6′ long, 4′ wide and […]

Pallet Children’s Hut

By Neokentin

I made this children’s cabin from used wooden pallets and various recycled materials. I added a slide for the greatest pleasure of my kids who love it!

Mud Kitchen For My Granddaughter

By DGilly

I used 3 pallets to make a mud kitchen using an old sink then painted it in bright colors, my granddaughter loves it!

Kids Dream World: Pallet Kids Bed

By Neokentin

To build this kids bed, I started off with some branches from a neighbours cherry tree, then I acquired some decking , and then an old pine bed and a […]

Reclaimed Pallet Baby Cradle

By Gregthebuilderman

Here comes another Grandbaby who can’t sleep on the floor! I’ve built this standard baby cradle out of reclaimed wood pallets. The size of the sleeping area is 18″ x […]

Children Toys Hooks Coat Rack From a Pallet Plank

By Reusine

Divert the toys of your children to make a coat rack at their height and arrange the entrance to promote their autonomy. This is the reason why the plastic ducks left the bathroom and are now fixed on a blue plotted board roses. It’s enough that everything is installed at the height of the kids. They can then remove and hang alone their coats, scarves, hats, and bags. 

Amazing Pallet Child Desk / Bureau Pour Enfants En Bois De Palettes

By Lab11

Short story, my 3-year-old son asked me for a wooden desk so he could draw in his bedroom. Following his request, I presented him with some ideas for a possible […]

Create This Stripped Kitchen Table With Pallet Scraps!

By bigjohn

Wondering what to do with your pallet projects left overs?

Dirty Fun In The Sun Pallet Mud Kitchen

By -m-

Everyone knows that a dirty child is a happy child, so to encourage their imagination and allow them to play in the dirt, make them a simple mud kitchen.

Riley & Ralphie’s Pallet Wood Puppy Toy Box!

By chinlyco

With limited space and a can of beans

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