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Rustic, Cozy Pallet Outdoor Furniture

Don’t stay indoors on those temperate afternoons or evenings! Build yourself a little set like this Rustic, Cozy Pallet Outdoor Furniture, grab a beverage, and enjoy your family time!

First, start with a pallet and use this for the seating area. If you like, you can cut it next to the center pallet stringer so that the seat isn’t so deep front-to-back. Next, use pallet stringers (or 4×4″ upcycled posts) for the outer and center legs. Cut the outer legs to the height you want for armrests. Next, add another pallet as the backrest and attach to the bench. Attach the armrests to the sides of the backrest. Add additional support by either adding another stringer behind the backrest and connecting to the arms or putting it down the center of the pallet stringer and attach at multiple points. You can add decorative vertical slats if so desired. Finish by sanding pallet wood, then staining or painting as desired.

Add a bit of style by making a pallet crate table or ottoman, and a magazine rack. Note the old hand-drill used as the handle of the magazine rack! Have some fun and upcycle those old rusty tools!

Rustic, Cozy Pallet Outdoor Furniture Pallet Benches, Pallet Chairs & Stools

Great job! Now see how to Protect and Restore Wood Projects!


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Carina Francia


Vincent Bijl
Vincent Bijl

Vind je ook niet Lars?


magnifique <3

Marjorie Baude
Marjorie Baude

très joli le choix des couleurs, j’adore ce côté très naturel!!

Lisa Stable
Lisa Stable

Funky Junk Interiors <3

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