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by Chris Welch

Store Front Decorative-backed Pallet Bench Seat

  • 3 pallets

  • medium

  • 3h

  • free

This simple project adds a fun twist! Stagger the boards and create this Decorative-backed Pallet Bench Seat! I made this project with two pallets and some remaining odds-and-ends from other pallet creations.

Beautify your garden, outdoor living areas or patio with this Decorative-backed Pallet Bench Seat

Cut down one pallet to the depth of the seat you desire. I cut this pallet just beyond the center stringer board to make the seat very sturdy. Cut the second pallet to the height of your backrest you wish, and fill in the gaps with more deck boards. Cut them to different lengths for an interesting twist, or go traditional. Alternately, you can use more stringer boards to create a simple frame and attach the deck boards to it. Next, cut more stringer boards to create the legs and armrest supports. Use more deck boards to stabilize the legs along the bottom.

This Decorative-backed Pallet Bench Seat would even be beautiful in your indoor areas or man cave!

Sand the wood to remove splinters and be sure no nails protrude anywhere! Finish off the armrests, and seal or paint the way you want.

Store Front Decorative-backed Pallet Bench Seat Pallet Benches, Pallet Chairs & Stools

How about a combination Dog House & Vertical Pallet Planter? You can do it!

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Sylvie Boubou Salmeron

j dore jai photographié ca hier

Kellie Case

Daniel Patrick Travis Carson oh I like this!

Daniel Patrick Travis Carson
Reply to  Kellie Case

I can do that no problem

Kellie Case
Reply to  Kellie Case

Looks pretty straight forwsrd

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