Pallet Garden Swing

  • 2 pallets

  • hard

  • 160h

  • $25

I built this pallet garden swing in about a week; I used two pallets and some additional lumber. This only cost around 25 dollars, too!

Re-engineering on-the-fly:

Supplies needed: two pallets, 2"x 8"s on the seat and 1"x 4"s for the back and armrest.

This was a challenging project because my mother wanted something else, to begin with, so I started building it and realized it would only fit one person. So I had to completely reorganize my thoughts - and some of the pallet swing. But that's the beauty working with pallets: you CAN. If there is ever an error, you just find more.

I redesigned it to better fit my mother's idea. For the bottom, I just braced two 2"x 4" that I cut 4' long, with two 2"x 4"s cut to 22" long to form a rectangle. I used Grk 2-1/2" star-head screws for all the two by's; even on the seat.

After I had completed the seat portion of the project, I cut five 1x4s for the back support to mount vertically. I installed the 1x4's at the bottom of the back and used the same Grk 2- 1/2" star head screws. This made the back very sturdy.  I put three screws in each one of the pieces. (It is best to pre-drill the holes before you screw into any pallet 1x3 or 1x4) That held the back supports very well.

After I had installed those, I chose some nice-looking deck boards to go across the length. I cut three pieces 4' long and measured them to keep them the same distance apart. I marked the vertical pieces so I wouldn't have to keep measuring. To attach these I used the same style of screws, but these Grk star bit screws were 1 1/2" long.


And now for the sanding. Lots of sanding. I rounded over all of the sharp edges with the sander, both for the look and for the comfort factor. I then put two coats of Minwax golden oak stain on it, which I think was the hardest part!

I then went to the home depot and got two pieces of 8', 1/2" coil chain, and four screw-in eye bolts that I pre-drilled holes for in the 2x4s on the side of the swing. I got two eye bolts for the swing frame and the quick link connectors in place of S-link connectors and used eight total; 4 on each side.

I hung the chain down, marked it and cut it. I installed it to the eye bolts on the swing frame.  The rest of the chain I hooked to the screw-in eye bolts on the swing, just hooking one side to the other. For safety (and the happiness of your back), I would suggest getting the help from another person when you hang the swing one side at a time. Good luck and God bless JVP.

Bio: I like to do all kinds of things. I love the outdoors! I like the mountains and the beach. I am from... read more

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