Pallet Bookcases & Bookshelves

If you need more storage, you’ll find lots of inspiration to add pallet bookcases & pallet bookshelves to your home. Fancy a bookshelf made from pallets? Our best ideas!

You’ll find hundreds of practical and stylish options to add extra storage to your living spaces. Almost every area of your home can have a shelf or a bookcase added. Just make it to the size you need! In addition to creating more storage, you’ll save money! We have everything you need to learn how to select, breakdown, and use pallets for many wonderful ideas by our talented crafters.

Almost all of the ideas presented are made entirely of pallet wood. Some have mixed woods, but many recycle or upcycle products to create unique and inspiring furniture! Take a look around and see our tutorials, design inspiration ideas, safety tips, and many other pallet resources to help you make the creation of your dreams!

Spring Cleaning: 43 Pallet Organization Ideas For You!

By HeatherStiletto

Now that the snow is receding, it’s time to get ready for summer with some spring cleaning! There’s nothing worse than trying to start a project, and then you can’t […]

Multi-shelf Pallet Bookcase

By Neokentin

I made this Multi-Shelf Pallet Bookcase entirely out of pallet wood. The dimensions are 125cm wide, 80cm tall and 42cm deep. I used a circular saw, jigsaw, orbital sander, hammer, […]

Space Saving Corner Pallet Cupboard and Bookshelf

By Neokentin

For me this project was the best way to utilise a small triangle corner space.

Rustic Pallet Bookshelves For Kid’s Room / Etagère Rustique En Bois De Palettes

By Lab11

I made this small set of Rustic Pallet Bookshelves because I was tired of seeing a messy pile of books. I wanted something fast and easy to build, and decided […]

Combo Pallet Wine Rack/Book Shelf Unit

By Neokentin

This is my first attempt at a pallet or carpentry project. However, I needed some additional storage space in the kitchen, so I designed and built this Pallet Wine Rack/Book […]

Avian-themed Painted Pallet Shelving Unit

By Neokentin

I tend to make up my designs as I go along, and did it with this Painted Pallet Shelving Unit too! This built-in unit holds lots of mementos and adorable avian […]

Simple Rustic Pallet Kitchen Shelf

By Jacquesp

I made a kitchen shelve for my wife to put her cooking books on.

Big Pallet Organization Rack For Scrap Wood

By Woodcycle

Everybody could use storage space in the form of free wood :) you can make it as big or small as you want…

Unique 3-drawer Epal Pallet Bookshelf

By bashan

This clever 3-Drawer EPAL Pallet Bookshelf uses the space between the pallet blocks as shallow drawers and measures 120x120x30 cm. You only need two pallets to make one of these […]

Airy Walnut Two Tier Pallet Book Shelf

By Neokentin

This Walnut Two Tier Pallet Book Shelf is my first pallet project. It measures 48″ x 20″. I cut the top half of the pallet off and removed the back boards to […]

Storage Compartment Pallet Bookcase Lincoln Chair

By Neokentin

To start, I honestly Googled “bookcase chair,” scanned through a few images, and then I just started building this Pallet Bookcase Lincoln Chair. It’s all my own design since I […]

Superb Distressed-look Pallet Bookcases

By Neokentin

These two Distressed-Look Pallet Bookcases took about 20 hrs to complete. I built them using six pallets, as well as some beadboard as the backing and top.  These Distressed-Look Pallet Bookcases do […]

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