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Recessed Pallet Bookcase / Bibliothèque Encastrée En Planche De Palette

  • 10 pallets

  • medium

  • 16h

  • $100

I made this Recessed Pallet Bookcase using about ten pallets, various sizes of screws and common woodworking tools. I spent less than 100 dollars and completed it in about 16 hours!

This Recessed Pallet Bookcase would be amazing in a kitchen, office, or even bedroom for extra storage.

  • This project is very flexible, and I was inspired by vintage cabinets and bookcases. If you change the shelving, you could create a bedroom entertainment center without taking up more space!
  • Here's what you'll need to complete this project:
  • Approximately ten pallets, broken down, nails removed, planed & sanded
  • Various screw sizes (depending on thickness of your pallet wood)
  • Power saws of your choice, such as circular saw chop saw, jig saw
  • Hammer, punch, pry bar as needed to remove nails
  • Gloss varnish
  • Hinges & Handles of your choice

Bibliothèque encastrée style antiquité en planche de palette pour redonner une nouvelle vie à un ancien garde-robe. La pièce étant transformée en bureau.

Matériaux utilisés : 10 palettes, différentes grandeur de vis, outils de menuiserie, vernis lustré pour foncer le bois, charnières et poignées agencées.

Temps de construction : environ 16 h. Je me suis inspiré du style antique. Estimation des coûts : max 100$.

This keeps our home office very neat and organized with all the extra storage space! You can make your own version for under a hundred bucks!
Here's the completed project.
Here is a close-up of the pallet cabinet doors. We kept the hardware simple and neat to keep the focus on the wood itself. You can use a router to roll over the corners of the wood to create a tongue-and-groove look without all the hassle, too! Here is where something like a pocket hole jig would shine to create the frame.
Nothing better than building something to alleviate storage issues and it WORKS! Plus, it turned out well, and the natural wood characteristics are beautiful.
Add some decorative trim with a center crown piece, and you have something special from upcycled pallet wood!

Add some decorative trim with a center crown piece, and you have something special from upcycled pallet wood!

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