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Diy: Portable Pontoon Using Old Pallets and Old Blue Drums

Summer season is here, and some of you thought it would be great to spend the whole warm summer day on the water. It seems like these young guys turned your dreams into action... building a portable pontoon using old pallets and old blue drums. After a few working days, the pontoon was ready to go... The main steps here below and the full story (36 pics) here.


We started by taking the boards of bottoms of 8 pallets.


We broke up the rest of pallets to use as decking for the pontoon, as well as removing all old nails.



We then nailed the support beams to these pallets and cut some notches out of them so the crossbeams would sit in and under the decking.



We used some cheap $3 ratchet tie downs to tie the barrels to the pallets; it took a few times to get right, but once we figured out the right way, it was solid as.


There was no way to put pallets for the middle deck, so we just made out own pallets by screwing the decking boards to 4 of the middle parts of the pallet. This worked just fine.


Loaded up and ready to go. First test in the local reservoir





She floats. Pop the champagne



Stored & ready for next time.


Bio: Engineer, Co-founding partner of 1001Pallets. I earned my Engineer degree in Biochemistry and Geneti... read more

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Jason Larkin

Irish Riley

Irish Riley

Jason Larkin what a great idea Tyrone Lanagan

Ellen Ziesemer

Matt Blanck Luke Mayne

Bernadette Robson

Kirst Monk

Warrick Whittaker

Dylan May Tyrone Wilson

Erin Livet

Brett Wright

Mick O'leary

Adam Prior

Tj Trumpsta

Jack Judge

Graham Harrison

Bill-Amber Harrison for Xmas

Nic Ewok Campbell

Aaron Mepham should have saved afew of them drums

Jai Stallan

Jordain Orval

Jarrod Bigboar Moore

Jade Wogand

Jack Jinnette

Needs a motor

Bec Hoogs

Jack Jinnette baby steps we build the sucker first then we can add cool shit

Jack Jinnette

you mean Like put me on it 😁

Bec Hoogs

Jack Jinnette lmao pay that xx

Bec Hoogs

Corey Perry and Jack Jinnette Sandi Perry I feel we should make one of these for Rosie

Corey Perry

You won’t get off it

Bec Hoogs

Corey Perry correct. Just needs a hole 😉

Corey Perry

You got one or two

Bec Hoogs

Corey Perry one or two what?

Jack Jinnette

One two or three holes dear😃

Bec Hoogs


Corey Perry

Blonde fucktard

Bec Hoogs

Corey Perry blue eyed wank stick

Sandi Perry

New project please Corey!

Bec Hoogs

Sandi Perry yesssssss thank god your here 👌🏻

Corey Perry


Sandi Perry

Sorry been trick or treating 😑

Jack Jinnette

Fuck no

Bec Hoogs

I hear a little yes in there bahaha

Corey Perry

Jack we should just go halves in a boat. Would be easier

Bec Hoogs

You’ve Totally missed the whole purpose of this pontoon it’s so sandi and I can have a base station whilst monitoring children and drinking bulk bevs lol

Bec Hoogs

Corey Perry buy a kayak and you and Jack Jinnette can come into Moore in our pontoons ……and tie ya boats up on this floating thing your gunna build us 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Bec Hoogs

Omg so they about $15-$20 bucks each and how bout this for a step

Sandi Perry

Love this comment 😂

Bec Hoogs

Sandi Perry 🤟😂😉

Corey Perry

I’ll make u bitches a pontoon. If it sincs not my fault.

Sandi Perry

We shouldn’t be so lucky 😕😂

Corey Perry

It’s only 2 foot deep out there Sandi Perry

Bec Hoogs

I’ll sinc wif it 😝

Bec Hoogs

Corey Perry your point?

Shannen MacDonnell

Jake Williams

Sean Badge Blackley

Me oh my, what an idea

Zac Jones

Frank John Ben Davis fuckin oath!!

Ben Davis


Frank John

Yeah that would be dope with a motor on it haha

Zac Jones

get josh to build one hahahahah

Frank John

Zac Jones where the fuck going to put it won’t be able to carry it anywhere lol

Zac Jones

on the back of the Triton obviously

Ben Davis

It will end up like the triton with the racq car behind it

Zac Jones

dunno what ur talking about

Ben Davis


Ben Davis


Jordan Blackley

I say encourage him, that’s a great idea!

Chris Cheetham

Josh McLeod found another use for pallets!

Josh McLeod

Chris Cheetham haha

Darcy Sear

Nicholas Dowrick should make one for up the hut bro just get a lil battery and one of them elcitric motors

Nicholas Dowrick

Darcy Sear fucking hell that be sick as bro. We should defs do that

Darcy Sear

Nicholas Dowrick yeah bro we’ll catch up heaps when I’m home bro

Nicholas Dowrick

Yeah brother I’m down on that. Friggen missed ya

Felicity Smith

Reece Bartholomew

Reece Bartholomew

Felicity Smith ill add it to the list of projects.

Sophie Elsden

Evan Colman Anthony Eagland

Bec Goodman

Jack Goodman Wayne Goodman Daniel Bowes Dwayne O’Brien

Dwayne O'Brien

It’s missing jacks Webber

Bec Goodman

Very true. Lol. You guys can have this ready by December right? 😜

Heath Little

Robyn Little just a thought gotta have a back up plan 🤣

Fran Higgins

Lewis F. Bowen Jr your home

Aaron Clothier

Paul Hartwell

Chris Collins

That cool

Ashley Collins

Chris Collins

Ross Thinee

Chris Thinee Mark Thinee we have barrels.

Maryna Steyn

Hendrik Pretorius

Bindi Ryan

Lauren Christine find the barrels, I’ll bring the gazebo. 😂😳

Lauren Humphreys

Bindi ohhhhhh we could end up anywhere 🤣

Bindi Ryan

Lauren only if UN-able Seaman Kinnear is at the helm. ⚓️🛥

Christine Kinnear

Bindi Ryan you’d take us straight to the pub

Christine Kinnear

Lauren Humphreys you know, we couldn’t trust Bindi Ryan to build it because she can’t use ratchet straps and there’ll just be line with truckie’s knots everywhere

Lauren Humphreys

i soooo wanna make one. We do it on our kid free holiday to Sarina 😝😝😝

Nicole Spencer

Geoff Nunn

Kate Thinee

Ross Thinee

Ross Thinee

Awesome especially if you run out of wood for the bbq.

Kerri Vandy

Bradley Vandy thought of you when I saw this! I’m sure it would fit a couch!!

Jaimi Elsie

Albert Gorman

Penny Blackley

Courteney Olsen dont encourage him courteney

Matthew Power-Nutley

Tom McBryde

Tom McBryde

Onto something here

Timothy Halpin

Rhonda May Halpin our new party barge lol

Corinne Cannon

Slim GrievousSlim this all you need to go fishing

CJ du Plessis

Ryan Hill Maybe a summer project for one of the dams on the farm

Ryan Hill

CJ du Plessis agreed

Guy Flannery

Ben Hill

Nathan McAuley

Casey Campbell — show todd

Casey Campbell

Don’t encourage him!

Paul Tyler

i need my pallets

Sharon Wilson

Brooke Ashlee Deano Mafis Blake Hill

Faye Patricia Naude

Michael Naude

Katie Graham

Matthew Smith Darryl Stark

Karen N Rob Anderson

Josefa Tuivaga

Matthew Richards

Louise Richards

Blake Broussard

Kyle Collins….. baby steps….. 😏

Mel Mudford

Chris Mudford😮

KP Parr

Matt Falkenberg nxt project 🤷‍♀️😉😂

Matt Falkenberg

🎣 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Alec Gratton

Jesse William Hawke need a big dam on ya block!

Jesse William Hawke

Alec Gratton that’s happening foooorrrr sure

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