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Pallet Rabbit Castle Hutch

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This Pallet Rabbit Castle Hutch will make any Leporidae feel like royalty! I made this hutch out of pallet wood and upcycled 50 x25 mm (1x2”) roofing furring strips. It is 32” tall x 20” wide, but the back is slightly shorter to create a pitched roof.

Treat your rabbits like royalty with this Pallet Rabbit Castle Hutch:

I started by making a frame from the 1x2” boards. Next, I ripped down more of those boards to 1x1". I used these as the cross-support for the four vertical main corners. Then, I installed the 1x1” boards fairly precisely. I installed the boards along the front and back on all three levels flush with the outside of the frame. The 1x1” boards on the sides were installed to be flush with the inside of the cage on both the bottom and upper levels. I angled the four corner posts to create a sloped roof when complete.

Then I framed out the upper-level floor and planned for a spot to create an opening between the lower and upper levels. I recessed the sub-floor boards, so the flooring is flush to the frame. Additionally, I added more 1x2”s to mount the outside cladding to so that the siding will also sit flush with the frame.

Pallet Rabbit Castle Hutch – the doors and more:

To create doors, I mitered more of the 1x2” boards and created little frames. I covered it with galvanized 1” mesh and stapled it to the insides of the doors. Next, I used butt hinges and installed them to the doors and frame. Some slide locks finished out the doors and will keep the Royal Rabbits safe and secure. :)

I continued installing the flooring and siding, slowly enclosing the cage. I cut a rectangular hole in the floor using a jig saw. Also, I added some angled braces to the corners connecting the front and back to the roof line. I used more pallet wood to create the rooftop. Depending on where it is placed, it may require roofing material. Finally, I made the castle parts on the top from recycled bits of decorative shelving we had around. I built the ladder connecting the two floors out of a couple of deck boards and attached scrap 1x2" boards as little spots for the rabbits to easily grip. I hope they are royally pleased with their new castle!

Pallet Rabbit Castle Hutch Animal Pallet Houses & Pallet Supplies
Pallet Rabbit Castle Hutch Animal Pallet Houses & Pallet Supplies
Pallet Rabbit Castle Hutch Animal Pallet Houses & Pallet Supplies

Pallet Rabbit Castle Hutch Animal Pallet Houses & Pallet Supplies
Pallet Rabbit Castle Hutch Animal Pallet Houses & Pallet Supplies

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