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by Dave

Cute Little Pallet Bird House

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I made this cute little Pallet Bird House using some leftover fence panel for the roof, and scrap pallet wood for the rest. A small piece of thin hobby dowel rod made the little perch in the front.

This little Pallet Bird House is a great way to use up scrap wood in your workshop!

Homemade gifts like these are great for housewarming parties, or even for the kids to build for the grandparents! Just please supervise the little ones around power tools! I used a bandsaw to cut the curves tacked the roof on with a nail gun and decking screws to held the rest together.

Cute Little Pallet Bird House Animal Pallet Houses & Pallet Supplies

Turn old yardsticks into a great Mirror Frame! Watch the birds enjoying this little house when you’re kickin’ back on your Pallet Bench.

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Sandra Craft

Sorry but it looks like a feeder to me !!!

Reply to  Sandra Craft

#True!!! ;)

Simon Hooper
Reply to  Sandra Craft


Loren Muller

look like a bird feeder…

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