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Pallet Hay Bins - Horses Love Using Them

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I made these Pallet Hay Bins from upcycled pallets, old shed wood, leftover beams, and really any wood that can withstand horses. Additionally, I wanted to raise them up a bit for the animal's comfort. Remember: the key is STURDY if you're making anything for horses. You can make the sides of the feeding troughs out of any kind of wood you want. However, the boards should be at a minimum of 4 cm (approx. 1.5") thick to withstand a horse kick.

My Pallet Hay Bins - creating the trough shape:

The base dimensions are 60cm tall x 140cm wide, but adjust for your pets! The feeding trough is 10cm at the bottom of the V-shape so the horses can eat all the last bits. I happened to have some old barn wood along with pallet wood, so these are heavy-duty bins. First, I cut the bottom board of the trough to the length I wanted. Next, I cut the four side boards that form the actual V-shape. I aligned the outer edge of the vertical boards with the outer edge of the bottom horizontal board. Then, I spread them until they were the V-shape I wanted. I penciled the lines where I wanted to cut and then trimmed along the bottom so they'd sit flush. These bins are approximately 30-35 degree angles but didn't measure the angle to check.

My Pallet Hay Bins - finishing the bins:

Next, I cut the two top pieces for the V-shape, angling the ends to fit, and secured it all with screws. I repeated this for both ends. Then, I began installing the side boards, leaving gaps between each both for visual appeal and for ventilation. I used VERY long screws to bite deeply into the boards. Finally, I made the support boards in an X shape and did a half-lap joint before securing them together. I installed them on each end and put them to use. Our horses LOVE them. You don't have to build the support legs, but if your corral gets wet, frequently it's a good idea. You could also install posts in the ground and mount them that way.

My Pallet Hay Bins - final thoughts:

I used pre-painted boards. They were reclaimed from an old barn. Pallet boards were used for the legs and bottom of the bins. I didn't bother finishing these, but you could seal them - just use products that would be safe around pets since some animals gnaw on the edges of the bins.

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Pallet Hay Bins2
Pallet Hay Bins4

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