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Pallet Henhouse / Garden Bed / Poulallier

  • 2 pallets

  • medium

  • 16h

  • $20

I made this Pallet Henhouse/Garden Bed after using the internet for inspiration, but the final design was my own. I built it out of two pallets, and only spent around 20 dollars!

Here’s the basics on my Pallet Henhouse/Garden Bed:

First, decide on the basic shape of your henhouse. I wanted it to have a slightly higher roofline and have a shape that resembled a home’s exterior. However, the shape has a purpose, by providing areas for nesting boxes and roosting perches.  This henhouse has extras, however. I built a small garden as part of the rear henhouse roof. There are two tiers, so you can’t grow anything that requires deep soil (like root vegetables), but it would be ideal for herbs or lettuces, etc.

I built the basic floor frame, including the garden lower tier. Next, I mounted the floor onto the legs before the coop got too heavy with anything else. I used stringer boards for the sturdiest legs and braced them with other stringers at angles. To provide extra support, I cut down some deck boards and mounted them to provide additional stability and places to mount the wire. I framed out the henhouse, adding taller boards approximately mid-way to create a higher lean-to style roofline. Some boards had to be cut at angles to meet properly, so you’ll need a good saw.

Next, I began cladding the sides of the henhouse with pallet deck boards. I had to decide where to put the doors and framed out around them for places to mount the siding and the hinges. Then I made small door frames that were lightweight but would be secure. I made simple pivot latches for them.

Pallet Henhouse/Garden Bed – almost done:

To finish the project, I built nesting boxes. You can make them out of pallet wood to create little separate stalls, or use plastic totes, plastic buckets, or similar items that would give the hens a place to sit and have some privacy. I cut a hole in the floor and built a little wooden ladder/ramp for the hens to get into the coop and secured it. The final touches were adding the corrugated roofing, and then cutting a deck board to match the curve of the roofing material. I applied a varnish to the exterior to protect it and installed the chicken wire. As you can see, the hens are happy so far!

This Pallet Henhouse/Garden Bed isn’t quite done, though. I haven’t decided what to plant in the garden beds yet.

Apres un plan fait par moi meme sur internet,la recuperation de deux palletes de conditionnement de porte. Mon idée un poulaillier et sont jardiner.

Pallet Henhouse / Garden Bed / Poulallier Animal Pallet Houses & Pallet Supplies

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Fa Fa

Sandrine Laurent share your own ;-)

1001 Pallets
Reply to  Fa Fa

YES – if you’ve built your own version, we’d love to see it and read a little about how you built it! <3

Patricia Silva

Leonardo Silva

Brenda Ingraham

For husban in. Puppy house ha ha

Arnaud Denis

C le mien trop content :-)

Brižitka Bar

a so tebe zaprli


Hi, Any chance of adding a picture of the inside?
It looks great !

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