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The Most Perfect Raised Garden Beds Made out of Pallets

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Look what FoxyFolksy found on her recent trip to Ca’Savio, Italy... A pallet garden, but this one is one of the most interesting we have ever seen! Organized, creative, with an automatic watering system!

Who said you need a  garden or ground to have your own vegetable garden? This pallet garden would be perfect for rooftops, terrace or wide balcony but I think they will also be great for any garden because they are so much easier to maintain and looks so much organized. Some of the plants I recognized thriving in these boxes are parsley, kohlrabi, strawberries, red chili, bell peppers, paprika, eggplants, tomatoes, basils, oregano and some salad leaves.



Foxy Folksy

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Tina Cherrall

Leonie aren’t these awesome ?

Ryan RoundOne Carroll

That’s hot

Kathleen Van de Keere

Mooi ideetje, voor in je moestuin, Joost ?

Krystle Rapson

Abby Martin thought you might like this hun ❤

Jessica Bauer

We’ve got the pallets!

Sally Green

I reckon we could that!

Adriana Cardone

Tristan pas con !

Kirby Kirby

Natalie Michelle ??
Adam I want the triangle onesssssssss ?? ?

Jess Jongebloed

Magteld Batteram wij hebben echt grotere tuinen nodig…. ?

Jenna Marie Barber

No haha

Amy Rush

Lee Dingle you could do these!

Lee Dingle

They are cute

Kim Daly

Michael Daly let’s do this

Alyshia Chapman

They cool ae, I hav pallets to build with just gotta get them apart somehow haha

Tanya Maree

Peter Mullins this is a good idea

Nadia Myriam Norah Latreche

Je trouve l’idée palettes en triangle simple,et super génial!!!:)pourquoi j’y ai pas pense avant:D…..?!;)

Nicolas Michel Bard

JE suis chaud pour faire Ca!!! Morgane Mats

Glad Tomeatyou

Zilien Sax faut que j’arrête de regarder sinon je vais vouloir tout faire !

Alja Horvat

Lara ?

Catriona Wright

Crack on then

Heather-May Buzza

Mandy Jayne Trac Peters glad to know you’re always thinking of me!! Hehe!!

Claire Aboud Larsen

Nigel Krueger can your boys make these?

Nigel Krueger

Yep give it a go

Claire Aboud Larsen

Love to make it a joint project – you make it- -ASDAN will plant it

Nigel Krueger

Sounds good

Trac Peters

Heather-May Buzza maybe for school

Casey French

Beautiful just what need!!!

Raelene Morgan

So do I, so simple but looks great heh.

Danielle Howarth

Oh, I love that idea

Emma Lazanski

How awesome are they!

Mikkel Uttenreitter

Fie Andersen – hydroponic garden + this set up?

Fie Andersen

that is pretty badass, make it for the Kolonihave? ;)

Johanna Bruun

Sara, Andrea, Charlotte, Kajsa. Vad säger du Erik? Bygge och grönska. Få upp på höjden.

Erik Vestman

Enkelt o fint!

Ri Hairi Ghani

Ayooohh x tau…ayoohh xtau..

Owen James

Gareth James idea for you

Rosanne Kelly


Ricki Chase

Alison this is what I was talking about

Alison Chase

They look awesome.

Ricki Chase

Yep I need pallets

Alison Chase

Maybe the tip has some

Samantha Lee

Minus the hydroponic system going on unless we sort an amazing water catchment system !

Mike Winter

I’m liking this will be a good project for us

Denzil Wilkinson

If you make something like this mate not having them lying around trying to get rid of junk mate !

Shaun Wilkinson

Denzil Wilkinson let me bring pallets home mate

Justine Arnold

Rob Boylen i like the ones across the back!

Rob Boylen

Steal some pallets from work

Robert Prince

Jack Leaman look jack. LOOK

Jack Leaman

Don’t you have a job??

Robert Prince

Don’t you?

Jack Leaman


Chevonne Greenhalgh

Rugged Signs

Auriane Lenders

Cody Rubens on va faire un potager comme ca, ca donne tout bienn

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