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Top 34 Creative Pallet Garden Ideas For Springtime!

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How does your garden grow? If you're a DIY specialist, make your garden areas GREAT with our selection of Crafter's projects for creative pallet garden ideas!

From pallet potting benches to pallet garden beds - we've got inspiration for YOU!

If you want to garden, then you may need a handy Pallet Potting Bench! You can make a pallet potting bench like this in only an hour or two, and have a lot of extra workspaces that you can use guilt-free!

Here's a fast and super-easy way to organize your Gardening Tools - a Garden Tool Organizer out of one single pallet! What could be simpler? Take one pallet, turn it on one end, and mount it to the wall. The stringers make natural dividers.

Creative Pallet Gardening Ideas - a super-simple pallet garden tool holder. All you need is one pallet, and some screws to anchor it to a wall. The open ends and stringers naturally create convenient dividers.

For a healthy and pollinated garden, be sure to make a Pallet Insect Habitat! This can be scaled down if you don't want a large habitat hotel like this, but the concept is good. Even wood-boring bees help pollinate the flowers nearby - including your garden!

Creative Pallet Gardening Ideas this insect habitat can be done on a small scale - build a small box and fill it with various media that the bees would like to burrow into like bamboo, wood with holes pre-drilled, and stacks of sticks. This pallet habitat is multiple pallets with lots of various bug-friendly media.
Insect hotel "Su shugi ban"
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Insect hotel "Su shugi ban"
Handmade insect Hotel made of wooden pallet. It will facilitate the winter survival of insects that are desired in ecosystems where pollination and biodiversity are sought, such as your vegetable gar...

Sometimes the garden can be a bit muddy after rain. Make a Pallet Walkway to keep your floors cleaner! Gorgeous! And a simple idea. This one, the kids, could even help with!

Maybe a whole garden is a bit intimidating? Make a small Pallet Herb Garden instead! Straightforward and handy! This little Pallet Herb Garden would be helpful on a balcony, terrace, or porch!

Creative Pallet Gardening Ideas - This is a simple planter box made only two pallet boards high, and more deck boards hold the corners together and form the legs. Line it with plastic (like koi pond plastic), or not. Fill it herbs or flowers and enjoy!
Reclaimed Pallet Wood Planter Box
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Reclaimed Pallet Wood Planter Box
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Perhaps you don't have a big yard. That's okay - make a Pallet Green Wall like this one! This fun idea can be used for places that don't have much yard space to dedicate to a garden. Just hang up a pallet after sealing it up with weed barrier to hold the dirt in. Then get your fingers dirty!

Creative Pallet Gardening Ideas - a single pallet, lined to keep the dirt in, and hung from the wall. Fill it with herbs, flowers, or small veggies / fruits!
DIY Recycled Wooden Pallet Large Vertical Planter Instant Download Instructions
2 Reviews
DIY Recycled Wooden Pallet Large Vertical Planter Instant Download Instructions
This item is the digital instructions to create this planter from a wooden pallet, it does not include the planter. You can create a similar planter from discarded pallets. Just go to your local shops...

More Creative Pallet Garden Ideas: a Bird-Proof Veggie Garden! Bird-proof your garden areas and make it easier on your back with these excellent planter box ideas. These may even be squirrel resistant too!

Raised pallet planter boxes lined and used as garden planters. Creative Pallet Gardening Ideas that'll keep squirrels and birds out with screened-in hinged lids.

Gardens can be beautiful as well as functional, like this 3-tiered Pallet Planter.

Small-space gardening never looked so pretty!

Help your garden and recycle in the process with this handy Ultimate Pallet Compost Bin set.

A three-section pallet compost bin, lined with chicken wire and sports a hinged roof. It has adjustable bins for easy access to the materials so you can stir them to keep your compost active and healthy.
The Ultimate Compost Bin - great for the avid gardener.

Here's a neat idea - a Pallet Growing Table! Imagine having a favorite beverage and watching your little seeds sprouting right beneath your cup! You can - and it's an easy project!

Sprout seedlings and have a fun outdoor space to relax and enjoy watching those little plants grow. Creative Pallet Gardening Ideas that are functional and attractive.

Avoid backaches with this nice Raised Pallet Garden Bed - it's table height!

A way to weed without needing medicine to care for your aching back!

Vertical Pallet Planters are great - so here are some Tips to Keep Dirt In Pallet Planters! Pallet planters are great - and the vertical ones are very cool, but how do they keep the dirt in? This will teach you how.

Creative Pallet Gardening Ideas - how to keep the dirt inside of your vertical pallet planters.

Here's an excellent Pallet Greenhouse for 10 Bucks!

Creative Pallet Gardening Ideas - make this great pallet greenhouse or cold box for your garden.
You can also upcycle old windows for this project too!

How about a Decorative Wishing Well Flower Planter? Don't toss your spare change into this wishing well - sprinkle your favorite seeds instead and use it for an adorable little planter.

Creative Pallet Gardening Ideas - Planters can be adorable too - like this pallet planter shaped like a little wishing well.

Here's a combination Pallet Composter Bin & Tool Storage Rack!

Nothing better than something that'll multitask like this compost bin and tool storage rack.

Creative Pallet Garden Ideas like decorative planters can be cute, too - like this Coffee Cup Pallet Planter!

Creative Pallet Gardening Ideas - a whimsical planter shaped with a coffee cup handle mounted on one side, and painted two-tone.
It's okay to be whimsical - like this fun planter idea.

Make yourself a raised combination Pallet Planter and Potting Bench - a Kruidenbak.

Creative Pallet Gardening Ideas - a combination raised garden table and potting bench all in one unit.
This is a neat idea. Have a planter garden AND your potting bench in one unit.

Use your vertical spaces with this great Pallet Tower Planter!

Stack up a few pallets, add some crates as "drawers", and start planting! Creative Pallet Gardening Ideas for any yard.

Pallet Strawberry Pyramid, anyone?

Creative Pallet Gardening Ideas - a two-tiered strawberry planter built out of pallet wood.
Better stock up on whipped cream if you make this Pallet Strawberry Planter.

Brighten up any outdoor area with this Pallet Flower Wall.

Creative Pallet Gardening Ideas - make two wall planters out of one pallet with this idea.

Pick a Pair of Pretty Pallet Planters!

Creative Pallet Gardening Ideas - two attractive pallet planter boxes, with small decorative touches to add a bit of elegance.

Here's an easy project you could do with the kids and expose them to the fun of gardening - this Easy Pallet Planter!

Let the kids pick the plants you'll put into this horizontal pallet planter.

Make your neighbors envious with these Stunning Pallet Planters! They're art and function fused into fantastic shapes!

Outrageous modern art - Creative Pallet Gardening Ideas like these planters take a bit of skill, but they'd be the talk of the neighborhood.
WOW. Just . . . WOW!

Raised Pallet Planters are great, and come in many sizes - make one to meet your needs (and height).

Creative Pallet Gardening Ideas - raised pallet planters are a comfortable and fun way to do square-foot gardening.

Make a little Pallet Greenhouse - it's a nice size for a first-time gardener and is another one of our Creative Pallet Garden Ideas.

Creative Pallet Gardening Ideas - protect your plants from the changeable springtime weather with this easy pallet planter greenhouse.

You can make an easy Pallet Tomato Planter.

Creative Pallet Gardening Ideas a small pallet planter - perfect for tomatoes on your balcony or terrace.

This Garden Box Planter would look good in your outdoor garden area or even on your front porch!

Here's another back-saving Pallet Raised Veggie Planter for you.

A gift for friends or yourself: An adorable Tractor Pallet Planter.

This mini tractor and trailer make a cute little pallet planter box. It would also be a great gift for a friend.

Repurpose creatively and make unexpected, beautiful Pallet (and more) Garden Planters - perfect for small spaces (or no garden area at all)!

Creative Pallet Gardening Ideas - when in Rome... er... Venice, then use small pallet vertical gardens and even tires as micro-gardens.
When in Rome... or Venice...

A hip twist on our Creative Pallet Garden Ideas: Make it look Modern - these Pallet Flower Planter Boxes are elegant!

Creative Pallet Gardening Ideas - two small, decorative planters with a modern twist - simple decorative wooden strips across the front make them look totally different compared to a typical planter.

PDF plans - make a set of small Pallet Planters. These would look great on either side of your front entry!

Creative Pallet Gardening Ideas - A pair of pretty pallet planter boxes to decorate your front porch or entryway.

Finally - after all that hard work in your garden, make yourself an Outdoor Pallets Bar! :D

Creative Pallet Gardening Ideas - time to relax! Make yourself a pallet bar to celebrate your pallet planter and garden work!

And an easy Pallet Planter project from our friends at Sikana - a DIY Video Tutorial!

Bio: I'm a Licensed Vocational Nurse in Southern California, and enjoy woodworking with pallets. I've mad... read more

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