by Talia Goldberg

Pallet Herbs Planter

A beautiful planter for herbs reusing the wood from a pallet!

Pallet Herbs Planter Pallet Planters & Compost Bins

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Luke Adams

Bec Pobersnik

Zelinda Hodgkins

I want knr or two of these.please Jason Jewell

Christy Michelle

ChaoticCountry Farm I’m going to do this!!

Christy Michelle

Chris Susan

Susan Ross

Yes! !

Dianne Legg

I have one like that with my herbs

Kate Piryak

Johny Thompson this would work tiger !! With all your spare time ??

Kit Amanda Gary Bales

Brad Bales these are a nice size for Blake

Jara Skrinar

Maybe we do have supplies laying around Skrinar……

Naomi Cope

Debbie Price, you need ones like these

Angeline Peloso

Regarde juju tu peux me faire ça

Cathy Brown

raising the pallet planter off the ground is good for folks who have bad backs.

Ryan Jon Warren

Do you share instructions or blue prints?

Jo Ann Chewning Tomes
Jo Ann Chewning Tomes

Great idea for a small space!

Diana Frazer

Make these Mark

Michelle Vitry
Michelle Vitry

mon mari le fait déjà depuis longtemps

Ronel Barcellos
Ronel Barcellos



Fantastic! That’s exactly what I’m looking for!! But how did you make this? I’d be very grateful if you shared instructions/manual.

info ski
info ski

Pas mal du tout. Moi je verrais une utilisation assez particulière des palettes, avec la créations de sksi à partir de deux planches issues de palettes ! je suis sur que c’est réalisable, et ce serait une bonne façon de recycler …

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