Pallets in the GardenPallet Planters & Compost BinsPallets & Crates as a Planter Tower


by Patrick Wehnemann

Pallets & Crates as a Planter Tower

  • 11 pallets

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Pallets & Crates as a Planter Tower Pallet Planters & Compost Bins

Here is an original planet made from 11 wood pallets and some old wood crates.

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Yannis Bailly

C est un pti peu moche qd même

Susan Hone

Great idea for people with leg and back problems. Have been sharing with my cousin who has leg concerns and so do I. :)

Hector A. Carreras

Eso esta cool bro!

Carla Breccia

Flavia Sola para tus cactus!!!

Reymond Ortiz Lopez

Hector A. Carreras


L’idée est sensationnelle! Un jardin en hauteur pour économiser le plus d’espace possible! J’adore :)

Jenny Gloster

Rosa Rodriguez

Que bueno, que bonito queda.

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