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Pallet Garden Tools Holder

  • 1 pallet

  • easy

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Just a great idea and at zero cost for this garden tool storage made out of one single pallet!

Pallet Garden Tools Holder Lounges & Garden Sets

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Mât Darras

Pierre Tourbeaux, ce dont on parlait la semaine dernière avec Kate

Coralie Lagrée

Lucas Lagrée les palettes c’est utile !!!!

Max Poutrelle Pautrat

Je valide ! 😜

Anne Graham

Wouldn’t fit in Kennys shed ha ha

Andrée-Anne Bock

Sara-Maude Bock pour la grange :O

Carmo Nicolau

Que ótima ideia… Vou copiar o modelito!….

Carmo Nicolau

Ohhh que ótima ideia!..

Gary Lawson

That isn’t a “pallet garden tools holder”. It’s a “pallet”.

Sofía Ellenberg

Nathan Ellenberg: quiero! :)

Angela Steinmetz

Super Idee

Helen Harris

You shed roof would need to be about 10 foot high to get those out

Jim Smith

Why waste a pallet on this? Just nail a few one bys to the wall studs and put the tools in them.

Vagner Goulart

demorei sofri mas fiz um igual kkk


This is in my garage! Only totally full!!


J’ai le même range outils a la maison. …


I have to laugh every time i see a whole uncut pallet used ss if it were a stroke of genius.




Lazy… could be done better. …


très pratique

Brendan Nugent via Facebook
Brendan Nugent via Facebook

so it is

Brendan Nugent via Facebook
Brendan Nugent via Facebook

David! you know as well as I do that’s a waste of a perfectly good bonnie pallet

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