Pallet Wood Bird Feeder

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A lady at work asked me to make her a little Pallet Wood Bird Feeder. I did some online research and incorporated a few different ideas along with my own to come up with this project. It is made only using pallet wood.

Pallet Wood Bird Feeder – a cheerful addition to any backyard, patio, or garden area to create a bird dining room!

The base measures 12″ x 12″. I left a small gap between the slats on the bottom so that water won’t stand in it. For a little extra support for the roof, I did apply some wood glue under the roof slats/shingles to add some strengthen the build. I used 1 1/2″ trim nails to attach the slats to the roof support.  Then I cut the shingles long enough to hopefully keep much of the rain off of the bird feeder. I did apply two coats of spray-on outdoor polyurethane to help it withstand the weather.

Editor’s Note: Some types of sealants can be harmful to birds, particularly for those birds that may peck at the wood. Here’s an article we found regarding sealing birdhouses for protection and safety for the birds. Additionally, don’t sand the areas where birds may perch or stand. This gives them more ability to grip while they snack! :)

Pallet Wood Bird Feeder Animal Pallet Houses & Pallet Supplies
Pallet Wood Bird Feeder Animal Pallet Houses & Pallet Supplies
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I guess what I need are exact measurements of everything! Is there a tutorial for this birdhouse or plans that I can use? I am a special education teacher and we want to build these as a school project! Any help would be appreciated!

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