Pallet Dog Bed – 3 Days in the Making!

By Neokentin

My wife’s daughter tasked me with making a bed for her new puppy! Ok, so after stripping several pallets for planks I ran them through the saw bench just to […]

Diy Video Tutorial: Pallet Two-dog Bed

By kry5gag

I made this pallet dog bed using 1 x 4″ pallet deck boards. These are easy to find at places that receive large things that need to be crated. I […]

Pallet Wood Bird Feeder

By bluegrassfan76

Easy bird feeder made from 100% pallet wood.


Petite Pallet Cat Tree / Arbre à Chat

By Mathieu37

Give your furry friend a place to romp and play without destroying your furniture. Make this petite pallet cat tree and watch kitty have lots of fun! [toc] Petite Pallet […]

Pallet Rabbit Castle Hutch

By Neokentin

This Pallet Rabbit Castle Hutch will make any Leporidae feel like royalty! I made this hutch out of pallet wood and upcycled 50 x25 mm (1×2”) roofing furring strips. It […]

Pallet Chicken Coop

By MrLocke

Having done things a little backward, and adopted a couple of young chicks, before having a home for them, I found myself needing to build a coop in a hurry. Straight off a night shift, 8 hours to build a palace for the girls.

Chicken Coop from Pallets

By Nils Binnemans

I got me some chickens a few weeks ago. In the same store, they had some pallets left that would make a great coop.


Double Dog Bed from Pallets / Panier à Chiens 2 Places En Bois De Palettes

By Teupe

Regardez cette vidéo qui montre les étapes de cette réalisation

Dow Whelping Box

By Neokentin

With our little do pregnant and due to give birth soon, I had to find or make a whelping box for her. The base is loose from the frame and […]


Pallet Cat Scratching Tree / Arbre à Chat

By Neokentin

Using just one single pallet, a large chipboard, an old plead and an old cushion, this pallet cat scratching tree has been possible to build. En utilisant simplement une palette, […]


Rough Pallet Boards Labrador Retriever Portrait

By dogsandwood

I’ve found a pallet with rough boards with a considerable amount of tree bark on. Boards are all of the different colors; I decided to realize a negative portrait of […]

Pallet Version of the Chicken Coop Called the Coopsicle

By bulldoze76

Basically, my wife wanted some chickens and a coop and I finally gave in when our neighborhood bulk pickup (once a month trash pickup for larger items, tree trimmings, large […]

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