Dog Bed with Furring Strips

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I’ve got a bunch of pallets so, I decided that using pallets took too long to get apart and opted to use furring strips instead of pallet wood to build this dog bed. Worked out great!

I used screws and wood glue to put everything together, a miter saw to cut the wood and then I sanded and stained the wood after it was all put together. Then, I used polyurethane to finish it off. For the bottom of the bed, I used 3/4 inch MDF. The dimensions of this dog bed are 48″ x 30″ x 8″. My boyfriend did all the measuring and cutting of the wood and screwing it all together.

Dog Bed with Furring Strips Animal Pallet Houses & Pallet Supplies


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Jennifer Sepulveda

Joseph Sepulveda, since your learning how to do construction With Rigo. this something you can to for hazel and put use of dad’s tools, since they just sit there

Allison Redfern

Joshua Metcalf the dogs need one of these

Karen Liptrap

If it was a cat bed, would it be purring strips?

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