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Pallet Dog Bed – 3 Days in the Making!

By Neokentin

My wife’s daughter tasked me with making a bed for her new puppy! Ok, so after stripping several pallets for planks I ran them through the saw bench just to […]

Diy: Pallet Pet Bed

By PaintyCloud

Your little dog can be relaxing in style with this cute handmade reclaimed pallet dog bed. Check our tutorial with video below and let’s do it for your pet. She/he […]

Double Pallet Dog Bed

By Djmoore62

I built this double dog bed out of 100 % reclaimed wood pallets and in about 4 hours. I used a miter saw, wood glue and an air stapler.  

Dog Bed with Furring Strips

By Stormyskie

I saw this dog bed on this site, wanted to do one for my baby girl.

Make This Pallet Moon Pet Bed For Your Cat/Dog

By Adopteunecaisse

Hello! Check out my time-lapse video of our Pallet Moon Pet Bed! I used upcycled apple crates, but you can use pallet deck boards. Additionally, I used one wire spool […]

Pallet Side Table Has Snuggly Kitty Bed Built-in!

By Easywood

I really wanted a side table to put my important stuff on (beer). My cat really needed a place for all her activities (sleeping). So why not combine them in one piece of furniture?

5 Upcycled Wood Pet-themed Gifts You’ll Love!

By HeatherStiletto

Gift-giving is a treat, and we’d be remiss if we forgot our furry family members. Not your brother-in-law; your PETS! Check out 5 Upcycled Wood Pet-Themed Gifts Made For Your […]

Raised Pallet Dog Bed Keeps Sadie Comfy

By Nanacali

Make your dog a comfy bed, and a great piece of furniture for your house.

Diy Video Tutorial: Pallet Two-dog Bed

By kry5gag

I made this pallet dog bed using 1 x 4″ pallet deck boards. These are easy to find at places that receive large things that need to be crated. I […]

Pamper Your Pup: 11 Plush Pallet Dog Bed Ideas For You!

By HeatherStiletto

Man’s best friend is his dog, so here are some great ideas to show them how much you love them! Make one of these pallet dog bed ideas for your […]

Multi-purpose Pallet Crates/Racks/Planters/Beds

By lynk

I look at photos of wood products and think to myself; I will make that one day. Then a Markets is coming up, and I get out in the shed and work like mad not knowing what project to start first.

Pooch’s Perfect Pallet Dog Bed With Homemade Cushions & Pillows!

By JoyJ

My husband and I made this pallet dog bed according to the instructions we received using the free tutorials supplied by 1001pallets.com! I added a little extra comfort and made […]

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