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Pallet Side Table Has Snuggly Kitty Bed Built-in!

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Is it a Pallet Side Table with a purrfect pillow beneath, or a cat bed with a Pallet Roof? Depends on how you look at it. Now I can put my beer safely on top, away from the cat because she has her own sleeping spot below. The possibilities are endless! Well, no, it pretty much stops there. But it's still awesome!

Keep your beer safe with a Pallet Side Table and built-in Super-Snuggly Kitty Bed!

I made the table from two leftover pallets. The larger, 5" wide boards were used to make the surface and bottom. The smaller 3.5" wide boards went into the table legs. I carefully cut the boards (by hand, not having electrical tools) and joined the legs with metal brackets and screws. The surface and cat bed bottom were assembled separately, smoothed and sanded before they were attached to the legs - also with screws.

The color of the Pallet Side Table must compliment kitty's decor preferences.

How to obtain the color: It looks very orange in the picture but is actually a nice, warm, rustic shade of brown. I had some leftover Westminster tea from our recent trip to London I just KNEW it would be good for something one day. So, I used the tea to make a very dark brew and applied the liquid to the table. Let it dry for a day or two and then apply a vinegar-steel wool mixture. This process is well described on several sites and hardly costs a penny. I haven't applied a finish yet because I'm afraid the color will change.

Is kitty pleased with the Pallet Side Table?

The most important question: what does the cat think? Did I forcefully put it in for the picture? No, in fact, I forcefully have to get her out (hissing and scratching). That's how much she loves it. It's not hard to find her these days. And my wife has filled the table with decorations instead of beer :( Apart from that, it's a big success!

This Pallet Side Table provides a snuggly spot that is just for your little four-legged furry friend.
Purrrrrrrfectly Feline Design! Now we have our beverages without cat fur from her strolls across the table in search of a spot to sleep.
There's nothing more satisfying than when your cat approves of your Pallet Side Table by sleeping in the pet bed you designed!
Our cat likes her new snuggle spot so much we have to pry her out of there.
The warm color on this Pallet Side Table was created using brewed tea followed by a steel wool/vinegar wash.
The warm color was TEA! Then we followed that with a steel wool-vinegar wash to give it a rustic tone.
Yeah, our kitty-cat is happy! She snuggles in the bed under the Pallet Side Table all the time..
There is a lot of satisfaction to be had when you design something that your cat approves of immediately!

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Friday Fisher

Peter Fletcher this could be a puppy snuggle bed


Brilliant idea! If you build it, please share – we’d love to see! <3 – HS. Happy Palleting!

Angi McAuley

Dean Shaw your next project?

Jarrod Tappin

We need this for Louie Angela

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