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Three Pallet Tables Are Perfect For Smaller Spaces

By Neokentin

Here are a few projects that I’ve done recently after discovering the beauty some pallets have. Some pallets may only have one or two nice pieces, so that’s what I do. I look for pieces of good wood and take them until I have enough to complete my project. Every piece is hand-picked and each project may contain many different types of wood.

Rustic Pallet Nightstand With Handy Cord Notch

By michaelh

Wanted to add something of the same style in my bedroom as I had from the wooden wall. So I had some planks left and made 2 nightstands.

Diy Home Decor Ideas: Rustic Pallet Furniture Pieces

By Neokentin

I made Rustic Pallet Furniture Pieces to display serving pieces, jewelry, books and more. Find some good pallets, grab your safety gear and get building! My Rustic Pallet Furniture Pieces make beautiful display […]

Pallet Side Table Has Snuggly Kitty Bed Built-in!

By Easywood

I really wanted a side table to put my important stuff on (beer). My cat really needed a place for all her activities (sleeping). So why not combine them in one piece of furniture?

Mobile Pallet Loveseat

By Lab11

A former customer asked me for a Pallet Loveseat to go with other furniture I’ve built. The seat of this small sofa measures 80 x 120cm. I could’ve just used […]

Mason Jar Lamp Pallet Side Table

By Nanacali

This is just what you need for your couch or chair; it holds all my crafting (crochet, patterns and also my iPad.). Also the lamp for seeing everything while you’re watching or listening to TV.

Stunning Scrap Pallet Wood Side Table

By Neokentin

Scrap wood table made from pallets very rustic… made from many of leftover pallets and other wood projects a good way to prevent waste from your projects.

Pallet Table Set: Beautiful Coffee/End Table Trio!

By cowboym9

I made this Pallet Table Set from three pallets. The sturdy design and clean lines lend themselves well to most interior or exterior styles. Leave the boards rough for a […]

Multi-use Handy Pallet Side Table / Nightstand

By Neokentin

This was all made from wood that I repurposed from shipping pallets. It is a small end table or nightstand or a table to put in that one empty corner in any room just to give your room some flavor.

This Pallet Sofa Lounger Features Stacked End Table!

By NicoRoncon

For my first pallet project, I made this comfortable and practical Pallet Sofa Lounger that features a handy and attractive Stacked End table to hold candles, art pieces, or even […]

Cute Little Pallet Side Table

By Neokentin

This super cute console was designed by and for my wife. She needs a console front of our couch with an USB port in order to plug her tablet. I decided to add some LED in it!


Tripod Flag-theme Mini Pallet Coffee Table

By takewood2016

It was the most amazing woodwork. A beautiful work of art

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