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Pallet Table Set: Beautiful Coffee/End Table Trio!

  • 3 pallets

  • medium

  • 8h

  • $25

I made this Pallet Table Set from three pallets. The sturdy design and clean lines lend themselves well to most interior or exterior styles. Leave the boards rough for a rustic appearance.

Make a Pallet Table Set like mine for your indoor or outdoor living areas!

First, dismantle three pallets. Remove all nails/staples, etc., and plane the deck boards smooth. Cut 16 boards to the length you desire for the height of the coffee table. You have two ways to create the thick legs. My photos show how I created boxes to form the post-shape. Secure together with nails. The optional method is to simply stack the four boards together, glue and screw them together. Cut pieces from the trimmings to cap the end of the legs off for a clean look. Attach with nails or screws as you prefer. Repeat three more times.

Adapt this simple design for a Palle Table Set to suit your personal style!

Next, cut boards for the top, cut more boards for the outer frame and either butt-join or miter the corners like I did. Secure the top together and attach to the legs. Add padded or "glider" feet to the bottom of your table to prevent scratches. All edges are rounded over for safety. Stain or paint any way you prefer. Design it low or taller to suit your personal preferences. Be sure to use a good-quality UV-resistant stain or paint if you build these for outdoor use.

A bottom view of my Pallet Table Set. It is a simple, straightforward design.
A bottom view of my table.
Here is my complete Pallet Table Set, showing the proportions of the three tables.
A complete set so that you can see the proportions of the three tables.
Add a rich, warm stain and this Pallet Table Set looks amazing!
The tables are stained a warm tone to accentuate the natural beauty of the pallet boards.
This Pallet Table Set features a clever design that creates hollow "posts by using 4 boards for the legs.
The tables feature a clever design to create hollow "posts" for the legs.
This Pallet Table Set features thick legs, a wide frame, and smooth finish, along with a warm stain make this table a timeless design.
The thick design and sleek lines make this table set a timeless piece suitable for most indoor or outdoor living spaces.

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