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Rustic Pallet Nightstand With Handy Cord Notch

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I made this Rustic Pallet Nightstand from scrap wood, but you can use pallet wood too. This little table features a notch to route the cords down behind the unit neatly, and the bottom shelf is high enough to clean under easily. It has plenty of storage and took three hours to make.

Add convenient organization options with a little Rustic Pallet Nightstand!

First, I sanded down the boards and then cut them to length. I used a dark stain and then sanded over it to create a weathered look. I purposely installed the bottom shelf a little higher from the ground, so it is easy to clean underneath. I lightly sanded the cut ends but left them raw because I liked the look. Add a little homemade can light, and comfortably read in bed! This table is excellent! Adapt this idea to lots of projects. But, if you want to try something different, how about a Pallet Pontoon Boat?

Rustic Pallet Nightstand With Handy Cord Notch Pallet Desks & Pallet Tables
This quick project adds extra storage and a handy place for your electronic devices, water, and more.
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